Aug 8, 2015

Count back timer... Pic of the day #7

It was back in early 1990's I remember watching television for the first time. We did not have TV in our home then so I along with mom used to go to our neighbor's house. Mom often tells me that I used to watch TV through my fingers as most of the scenes used to fear me back then. She also tells that I used to seat myself back side of her and used to play all myself while she along with another aunty continued to watch TV. After few years, we bought a black and white TV. I remember preparing myself to watch the movie on every Sunday evening. That was probably the only movie I used to watch in a week. I also remember my grand ma watching 'Chandrakanta' serial on Sunday morning. The usage of TV was so low that I could remember more of what I heard or watched.

That's not anymore the case as on date. I watch too much a stuff and fail to remember even thirty percent of it. In the earlier days of serials, especially in Telugu channels, the advertisements used to be telecasted for more than sixty percent of the total time of the serial schedule. We literally used to wait for the serial to come in between the advertisements. But thanks to the recent rule passed by the government. In a thirty minutes serial, now its must that the serial be telecasted for at least twenty minutes. That's a great relief. 

The above picture is taken while I was watching a serial in Colors channel. On the top left corner, they display the timer counting back from one minute fifty nine seconds. That's really useful and it prepares me for the next couple minutes. That also enables us to switch over to other channels instead of worrying about missing some portion of the serial and hence making us helpless to stick to one channel only or change back the channel and check every now and then! 

Well, that's it about this picture. That's the pic of the day for today!

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