Aug 13, 2015

Don't take driving personally!

I think some people take driving personally. They just keep speeding up irrespective of the road and traffic conditions. When they have to wait at traffic signal, only the vehicle in the front can stop them and definitely not the red signal. They use 'horn'so much that probably they want to be the first in the que on the road, beginning of which is unknown. And if the vehicles come in their way are driven by the opposite gender, their way of taking it personally increases exponentially. 

What for? Fun, passion, ignorance, or whatever it is!

Its alright to maintain optimum speed. Its alright to wait for a few seconds at the traffic signal. Its alright to let the horn take rest and be in the que, even if its long and anyway its never ending. Its alright to allow fellow vehicles to pass by, even if they are driven by the opposite gender. 

Don't take driving personally. You may think that you have good control. But life's control is in no one's hands. Whatever can happen will happen. Drive safe!

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