Aug 12, 2015

Egg Omelet... Pic of the day #9

"Egg omelet" has always been my favorite food item. Most of the times it helps me in finishing my meal with a curry that's not of my interest. In childhood I used to eat very selectively. I could not eat each and every curry. Omelet used to be the companion of mine to finish the meal and hence to escape the angry looks of my elders! But once I started cooking myself, I've started liking almost all dishes. After all, I cook them and I must eat. But that's just half a reason. The other half, what I feel right, is that the purchase and handling I do of the vegetables make me get attached to them and eventually I like the curry I make.  Still, there are some favorites and some are tough choices, may be for health purpose etc. To survive such curries, I go for Omelet. Of course, that's not the only reason to go for Omelet though! 

I remember the following very much. This is one of the best memories of mine from my hostel days. When I was in intermediate hostel, parents were allowed on Sundays. They could come and meet their kids, could get some eatables, could take them out though not on all Sundays etc. My mom used to get me home made Dosa and Omelet. Every time I think of this, my eyes become teary. Needless to say what's happening in my eyes at this very moment as I write this! I used to skip the breakfast, which used to be 'Tomato bath'. I used to wait on my toes for my parents as well as for the eatables they would get. So, Omelet was an obvious item that used to be there almost every time! Although I liked the hot omelet, the cooler one too used to satisfy me to the core. 

Undoubtedly, my intermediate days are the worst days I would rate as. The hostel life in a corporate educational institution cannot be explained in one post, may be I will write about it in detail sometime later. For now, Omelet is the topic and the above is what I've to say! The below picture is of the last Omelet I ate, i.e. couple of days back! 

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