Aug 17, 2015

Friendship survives the time!

Time changes many things.
Time changes many people.

Time changes many relations.
Time changes many conclusions.

But, true friendship wins the tie with time.
True friendship survives the time.

True friendship keeps the friends together,
If not at all the times, in the times of need.

If not physically together at all the times,
Emotionally there forever, for each other.  

1 comment:

KParthasarathi said...

I am not sure of that in all cases.We have had close and true friends in different stages of life like school,college,work place.But the intensity of friendship changes or fades with lapse of time,distance,status and new relationships.Only a few fond memories exist but not adequate to sustain the friendship with the same old intensity.Even the outlook changes as one grows old.
Nevertheless if friendships last despite all these hurdles,it would be great.