Aug 2, 2015

Ice Cream... Pic of the day #2

Every time I think of Ice Cream I think of someone too. Something too. When I was a kid, I used to like ice cream very much. Especially the one that used to come in a long and sleek plastic cover. It used to be around twenty centimeters long and a centimeter and half wide. It used to have many a color shared. What I remember are it's white, orange and red shades. Orange one was my favorite. It used to cost 0.5 rupee if what I can recollect now is correct. I used to buy it from only one person. He was known as "Ice Cream Babu" in our village. He used to push his trolley van on the roads in which he used to get different types of ice creams, the long one as I said above, the cone ice cream, cup ice cream etc. Cone and cup ice creams were costlier, I think 5 rupees. So I used to take my favorite Orange stick. 

With time, I could afford to buy the cup and cone ice creams too. But I still feel that the happiness I felt with the orange stick one is the best. Also with time, I had to move away from Ice Creams. I was told by an ENT specialist that I had Sinusitis problem when in plus two that I would have to eat less ice creams and if I could avoid them for a while I should. I was very studious and wanted no hurdles to my studies because of health issues. I never looked back at ice creams again. I had almost avoided eating ice creams for thirteen years. 

Four years back I visited an ENT again. I told him that I had been told by an ENT earlier to avoid cool drinks and ice creams. Upon hearing that, this doctor told me an interesting thing. He said, that avoiding anything was not the solution. He told me "You will have to do exercise and build your resistance power in such a way that you can still eat an ice cream even when you are in Himalayas". Those words had their impact on me. I started doing exercise and slowly regained my interest to cold items. I started having cool drinks, that too almost after many years. However, somehow I could not touch Ice Creams.

The Yoga Kriya that I started doing an year back helped me in regaining my full confidence on myself regarding my health. I see a lot of positive change in my thinking and confidence in my health. I slowly regained my interest towards Ice Cream too. I'he enjoyed few of the flavors lately. The below one is the latest, today's picture. Enjoyed the sip and bite.Hope this saga continues! 

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