Aug 16, 2015

Incredibly dependent Indians in the Independent India!

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians, belated by the way. It is the day to remember the Independence struggle our ancestors went through to make India independent from the British rule. Salute to all those legendary freedom fighters who sacrificed their everything to see an Independent India. Their dream and aim of getting Independence was fulfilled in 1947 on August 15th. India has been independent since then for 68 years so far. As like their country, some of the Indians have been independent too. Yet, many of the Indians have been dependent too!

Human beings are social animals and no one can deny the fact that we all are dependent on each other socially. While the social needs cover most of part of what a human being needs to lead life and indeed it creates the dependency, there are a couple of aspects every human being must aspire to be independent in. One of the two is economical aspect and the other one is emotional aspect.

Economical dependency... 

Although the basic education for all the citizens is being seriously pursued, the number of women and students being employed or self-earning is very less.  Education gives the necessary outlook at various prospects. Employment gives the necessary economical freedom to be independent in doing something for themselves of for their families or for the society. The women and the youngsters who earn themselves have the extra chance to stretch their boundaries and hence to touch the lives of their dearies in a different way. 100% employment shall be tried, without any gender discrimination. Limit on age shall be put on, and I think it must be after only fifteen years that the kids are allowed to work.

Women who earn are seen often expressing their thoughts fairly and frankly, especially in family matters, than those who are homemakers and are dependent on their husbands income. For any family to win the race, it's important that every one of the family has the say. And the confidence required by each person of the family to speak out comes from various aspects, one of out them and according to me major out of them is the respective person's employment. It has its own impact, somewhere or the other, its not the only one to impact though. Women and students must be encouraged to go out and earn. That not only decreases the economic dependency, but also improves the family living standards and thought processes. Students being economically dependent makes them lose a lot of their ideas without fully pursuing them. It shall not just be the pocket money given by parents that they should have to spend upon whatever they wish, but they shall also earn on their own.

Emotional dependency...

Emotional dependency is a tricky one. This comes irrespective of who earns and who does not. It is just to do with one's psychological maturity. Maturity in terms of being independent in taking decisions, does not matter how big or small they are. Maturity in terms of going going out and getting the things done, again does not matter how big or small ones. It could be about visiting an electricity office, or going to a ration shop, or going for cloth shopping, or buying a home appliance. Being able to do it on one's own is an absolute bliss. That does not come from the air, it shall come from within. The willingness to do things alone shall come from within. Thinking that someone should accompany you all the time to do anything comes from within, from a fear factor that rules the mind. Break it through and define yourself in a better way. This is especially applicable for women.

Men like to do many a things on their own, by nature they are so I feel. Exceptions can be there, I can't deny. Kids would love to be on their on number of occasions, though necessary guidance must be ensured by parents. Women, not all though, show the dependency a number of times on their husbands, on their kids, on their neighbors, to do smaller to smaller things. Exceptions are here too! This makes one emotionally weak and reduces the freedom to half. Kids must also be left on their own whenever there is a chance and less risk to do so. That makes sure the kids make it as a hobby to think independently, to do things independently, to decide independently. Do not ever feel that your kid or wife is being obedient to you because they take your permission before doing anything. That's not being obedient. That's actually being dependent. This does not mean that one must not inform family before doing anything. It only means that one must differentiate what must be informed and what need not be. Its about realizing that one can do it right on his or her own.

Improving the economical independence helps in living on one's own. Whereas, improving the emotional dependency helps in being one's own. Economical independence brings the respect and emotional independence brings the love. Economical independence aids in taking decisions confidently, whereas emotional independence aids in coping up with all situations, especially the tougher ones. Economical independence rises the living standards and emotional independence rises the goals one sets for himself or herself. Both are important in their own ways, although not all could be explained here. Working upon both is important for a person as an individual or for a family as a team facing the society.

Hoping to see more independent Indians in the independent India. 

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