Aug 30, 2015

Inequality is bad but the modern age "Feminism" is rapidly getting dangerous

Disclaimer: The below are my personal views and not against anyone in person or against any organization's ideology. Any offence felt is apologized sincerely. 

Feminism was one of the most important social movements of the nineteenth century. While achieving equal rights for women with that of men was its goal, giving women the necessary freedom and self-confidence was the byproduct. Initially started in the western countries and it slowly influenced the other regions of the world rapidly. A few generations suffered before the feminist movement, a couple of them suffered during the movement, and this generation of women are definitely enjoying the fruits, if not everyone but certainly a few of them. Women are now into every field, from agriculture to aerospace, from manufacturing to marketing, from administration to the army, you name any field, women have their place and opportunity. 

So, all set then? Do we still need feminism? Although the opportunities are there everywhere, there is still no acceptance in all social groups, in all regions across the world, to allow women to pursue their interests and hence to grab their opportunities. To increase the awareness that gender equality is the way forward for a better society and future, we need the activists who go around and put forward their points. We indeed need the volunteers or associations that can work round the clock around the world to free up the suffocating rules written for women in certain regions. It will take time but it has to change at some or the other point of time. But if Feminism is the only way is the question. 

If it was the original Feminist movements that started all this, then probably I would have said 'yes'. But now, my answer is 'No', because the so called 'Feminism' that we are experiencing today is not the intended "Feminism". This one is something else, and this is my understanding though. The modern age Feminism is becoming so dangerous day by day that it fears me at times if there will have to start a 'Menism' at certain point of time in future, although this exist today yet unpopular. Everything shall stop some where so as Feminism! When the feminism shall stop? Only after a long and a generation full of fight between Feminism and Menism? That will be the worst time to live for our next generation, only if that happens so and I hope it won't ever. 

The understanding of many people, who call themselves as Feminists, is actually a lot deviated from that of the originally intended feminist views. There was no hatred towards men, firstly, when it all started. They respected the way the society was and on top of that they wanted certain opportunities for themselves, for all women. The modern age Feminism appears to be propagating the hatred toward men and even more fearful is that they believe what they are doing is right without leaving room for any introspection. This hatred towards men is raising so swiftly that we see a lot of effects of modern 'Feminism' in our day to day lives. Many understand that suing a man is Feminism. Many do understand that a man cannot be superior to a woman, in any aspect, and that its the goal of Feminism. Many question that why a woman shall do this and not a man, and that's Feminism for them! 

Whether its a man or woman, before being so, he or she is a human, who fully deserves every possible liberation. But depending upon the social and regional cultures which have been getting followed, everyone is put on with some restrictions. Inspite of knowing the restrictions, if anyone is breaching the rules, it's punishable offence, be it a man or a woman. Its just not that a man is guilty for an acid attack on a woman, a woman attacking a man is also equally guilty as both man and woman possess equal rights to live and none can attack the other. The feminist movement can try to enlighten the restrictions that are put on women, but its also important to question and hence change the restrictions put on a man if they are senseless! The restrictions against a man need not wait until the restrictions put on women are taken off. The problematic rules for men need not hang on until all the problematic rules against women are ruled out! Let's be human first! 

Let's be human first. Be it for a man or woman, a liberated life is well deserved. Whatever that prevents them from having their own lives needs to be addressed. Man or woman, the guilty must be punished. There is no need to make pity faces for a woman who cries against a man without listening to the story from two sides. All of us are very good in misinterpreting, man or woman its the same. All of us are good in exaggerating, all of us are good in taking things personally. So, let's not jump at the conclusions without knowing the entire context. Not necessarily every time a woman is correct. Not necessarily a man is guilty all the time in the argument between a man and a woman.  Everyone can be right or at least have a probability to be right! We must get the facts at hand and no need to play the judge. We need not react, we can respond after knowing it fully and thoroughly. And, we all might not have to respond at all, may be! 

Inequality is bad. But the modern age 'Feminism' is rapidly getting dangerous .  Better be human and play human. Equal rights to every human being must be assured, does not matter man or woman. Benefit of doubt is well deserved by everyone, be it a man or a woman, in a given situation. 

Let's be human, think human and act human. Gender comes next and shall come next. 

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