Aug 12, 2015

'Jenga' - Pic of the day #8

Playing indoors is as important as playing outdoors. While the outdoor games help in physical movements of the body for its coordination with mind, the indoor games help in building the mind to counter back the psychological attacks of the opponents. There used to be many indoor games in our childhood that we know them by their names in our local languages and most of them were mind games and few of them were of entertainment type. Some were played in leisure hours and some could even be played when there was a boring class going on. While outdoor games used to bring a lot of audience, the indoor games used to fail in attracting the onlookers, not all though and 'Caroms' being the best example. But both tempt the players to think that they should win and the game be over soon! 

To celebrate the last Pongal festival, we had been to our home town for family meet. I saw the kids in our family, the next generation, playing a game with wooden blocks. Almost all generations and ages of family members were keenly observing the ongoing game. Never before I saw some indoor game gripping up to that level. I moved closely to the kids and started observing what the game was about. It was being played with wooden blocks placed in a pillar kind of shape. The photo shown here gives the description.

The name of the game is "Jenga".  One of our uncles brought it for kids from US. Only then I came to know that there such a game! An interesting one indeed. Further details of the game you may look on the internet. But what I've inferred from that incident is as following. "Jenga" brings lot of excitement to the game as the mistake of one player or rather the loss of one player brings down the complete structure well brought together by all the players. Every player, even though its not his chance now, tempts to help the other player who's to play next. that's just to make sure that number of levels of the blocks all of them have put together grow endlessly. End is always there in every game, so as in this game too. But the excitement builds up exponentially for each level that increases. Everyone gets the applauds for each step. A team can be seen even though the players are competing individually. That's interesting and kids learn a lot of things and especially about belonging to a team even though there is a competition among them. Not all games can teach this very important lesson or rather the realization!  

Now we've bought one set of this game at home and we keep playing it in free time. The picture of the highest level that we could reach so far is shown below! Hoping to beat ourselves soon! 

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