Aug 3, 2015

Let your goals be larger than life and not greater!

Its good to be obsessed with our goals to an extent that they appear larger than life. But the obsession shall not exceed a level that goals appear greater than life!

Life is the greatest thing to have happened ever for a human being. Also, it's the most valuable thing every person perfectly possesses and completely owns. Work as harder as you can to achieve your goals but always go easy about goals and life. Live it fully and fulfill your responsibilities. Believe that you are there for something important. Always believe that you are yet to do that important thing. Be never done by the situations and circumstances. They are all part of life, and part of the way you choose to achieve your goals. Goals can change and along with them life changes too. There are many a examples of this. What we aim for might or might not be won by us. But we must be with a confidence that what comes our way will not be left undone. Going easy about a goal shall not mean that we leave trying. But it shall mean that we do our best with ease and the result will also be handled with the same ease.

Let your goals be larger than life and not greater. 

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