Aug 23, 2015

Rajdhani Thaali... Pic of the day #14

There is this 'Amanora town centre' in Hadapsar, Pune. We had been there today in the afternoon. We mainly went there to have something for lunch as we went to Hadapsar on some personal work. Although the colourful stalls and big hoardings about discounts tried to distract me, I still walked around to find a good food stall. We saw the hotel "Rajdhani". It said unlimited Thaali for 299/-. We entered and were seated in a corner table for two. 

There were two big elliptical steel plates on the table, in which few small bowls were kept. We thought they might come and fill those bowls with all items. The waiter came with a welcome drink, and it was 'Sweet Lussy'. It tasted good! And then, the items started coming in. A few varieties of food items were served in a span of just five minutes. The waiters said the name of every item before serving, this was good! I liked the small Bhaakris and the smallest paranthas I'd even seen. 

After a few rounds of serving, our stomachs came to a stage where we jokingly said to each other that if the waiter came again to ask if we required something, we would say that we needed some time to compete the items that had been already served. May be, for the waiters the expressions like ours were normal. Really, after eating all that and all those varieties, we were full till our throats literally. Still, those waiters continued to come and asked if we needed anything more, all in smiles. Their smiles appeared more kidding and less sarcastic. That's the hotel manners, may be. We quietly refused to have anything more! We ate almost twenty varieties in unlimited fashion as part of the Thaali which included a fabulously tasting Butter Milk.

We came out of the restaurant of course after paying! As I write this, I realise that we did not put the tip amount! Well, next time for sure we will remember and do the needful. Above is the picture of the hotel advertisement in which the Thaali is shown. 

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KParthasarathi said...

A good and tasty meal served well is a pleasure indeed.