Aug 14, 2015

Rejuvenating nature... Pic of the day #11

Natural cure is the best cure. Natural rejuvenation is the best rejuvenation. Amidst the tight schedules at work, if you can still manage to take out some time to go around and refresh yourselves, that will be the best thing to do to refresh yourselves, to rejuvenate yourselves. This is very much required in the contemporary scenario of work filled week days that make one wait for the weekend desperately. It need not be a weekend to roam around, of course that's the better way to save upon your leaves. But saving leaves at the cost of your mind getting bugged up with everything without any reservation is  not a wise thing to do. Taking off in the middle of the week, provided you are not skipping any important assignments, reduced the stress to half and makes you ready for the rest of the week. And when an unplanned trip out in the nature comes in the middle of the week, that given even more pleasure. 

Pune is known for many weekend getaways. If it's the rainy season, then the call from greenery or the call from the beautiful mountain views cannot be just ignored. You will just buckle up and let your foot off in a sheet helplessness. Doing that just stuns you and makes you realize how better the nature is in refreshing you. The above picture is taken at a location around Pune on our way to Tamini Ghat. Believe me, whatever happens, you cannot turn back from the views. You will want to stay back forever, if possible. The locations are so blissful that you need nothing than some time to keep looking at the green views. You won't look at your watch and your stress won't look at you! You feel new to yourself. You feel much calmer to yourself. Your breath slows down so that it allows you to get lost in the thoughts, and eventually makes you get lost with yourself. 

Very, very, very refreshing it is to take time off to escape into the greenery, to hide behind the mountains, to drench yourself under the water falls, to eat hot corn while looking at the sleek water falls in the mountains surrounding you, and of course to take a few selfies or pictures! Rejuvenate yourself and find an all new 'you' from within. 

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