Aug 3, 2015

Stationery... Pic of the day #3

Except for my first couple of years when as a kid I could not perceive things and can not recollect the moments as of now, my love for pens and stationery items is almost as old as me. I still become a kid when it comes to pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and so on. As I've grown now as a professional, sticky notes, markers, permanent markers, pins etc excite me to the core. Pens still are close to my heart. Every time I go for shopping, there can never be an end to it without roaming around the stationery corner be it in the Big Bazar or  Start Bazar or even if it's an Archies show room for that matter. Either I buy something or at least I make sure I touch something over there. I used to think that I was crazy about all that stuff. But I've realized that it's actually love. The love that's eternal. The more new stuff is getting introduced into the market the more my enthusiasm is increasing to use them. Of course, I cannot use all the stuff. But at least I use a maximum of all that I buy. 

When I joined Tata Motors, there was one thing that made me very happy. It was the welcome kit given by Tata Motors' HR team. It consisted of pen-pencil, pencil strands, cutter, pin machine, clips, rubber bands etc and all that stuff put into a plastic box. Along with that a bag was given too, although I never used it much. But, not the big and nice bag but the small stationery box made me very happy on the day of my joining. I've kept all that stuff all these years with me. It's been almost seven years now. I still have a few of them. And I'm going to keep this stuff with me as long as I can. After all, they are not just the stationery items anymore but the memories from a day of ultimate joy and the memories I shared with many a good friends of mine from the day of our joining.

Every time I look at the below items in my office desk, I feel nostalgic. I remember the good moments spent with the friends during my initial days of induction in Tata Motors. I feel good that these items are still with me and they keep my memories afresh. I usually do not give these things to anyone and even if I have to give, I make sure I get them back. So far, I've been successful in doing so. Hope I will continue to succeed in doing so. Also, I look forward for the introduction of hell lot of stationery item varieties into the market. I hope I will keep enjoying all of them. The joy they give me is immense, do not know why. Anyway, not knowing does not matter as long as I can enjoy them to the fullest. 

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