Aug 20, 2015

The landscape... Pic of the day #12

As I said in an earlier post, landscape photography is my interest. Since a few months, that has become my hobby too. Thanks to my Moto G! 

Our office is located near by hilly area. Its mostly surrounded by concrete buildings but on one side, there are hills as shown in the below picture. It's taken on a cloudy day. Landscapes interest me and when it's cloudy, I'm almost uncontrollable from taking photographs. Each click gives me immense happiness that I become childlike for a few moments. It feels a lot joyful from within!

I've been seeing the mountains in the picture for almost five years now. Every time I look at them, I feel like going to them. What they say as "The mountains are calling!". They really seem calling me. In fact, I've told my friends a number of times that I feel like going to the mountains right now. Don't know why, but. They inspire me every day morning when I look at them while standing on the terrace after breakfast. Since last five years, I've been looking at them in the mornings along with different colleagues and friends as many of my friends have resigned from out company. I used to look at the mountains with few of my close mates few years back. And today I look at them along with some other friends. But every time I stand alone and look at them, I realize how much I miss my close friends there. I feel like I look at my friends, every time I look at the mountains. Literally, this is what I feel! Again, don't know why! May be, certain things remain as the icons of sweet memories of our loved ones. I love these mountains and this landscape! 

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