Aug 1, 2015

The Moon... Pic of the day #1

Moon light makes any place a beautiful sight. Scientifically, moon has a greater role in many a natural phenomenon occur on earth. As they say it and we can notice it too, moon has its effect on the tidal waves of the oceans. Some also claim that moon has its role on the monthly menstrual cycle of women. Being a woman, I can confirm this based on my experience so far, although there's a lot to go and realize still.  

I've grown up watching the moon so as many a people of my generation. In the open area in front of the house, laying down for a good night's sleep with the moon being right on top of me and in my line of sight is one of the best memories from my childhood days. There used to be power cuts which used to appear terrible in the then conditions, especially environmental. However the moon used to let me not to think too much about what was around me. The moon could keep me look up and forget everything else! And hence would give a real good night's sleep. 

Same is not the condition as on date. I can't lay down outside our apartment. Even if I manage to do so, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the sight of the moon. And if I manage to get even that, I'm again not sure if the blazing lights in the town would let me enjoy the moon's flavor the way I did in my childhood. Most importantly, I might never be able to differentiate if the light that falls on me is of an artificial light or if it's of the moon!  

So fast is the time moving in the current generation and in the ongoing century that the speed of the moon's movement cannot anymore impact the lives of the people. Even if it does, it's almost limited to the tides of the oceans! Women also do not realize the impact of moon on the important cycle of their lives. I'm not saying that not any woman can do that. But the majority of the population do not. I started trying my best to be the one who enjoys moon to the fullest, who does not miss a chance to enjoy it to the fullest. In the recent days I've started liking to stare at moon, whatever the state of it on a given day. I've started allowing myself to sit  under the moon light, thanks to the big terrace on the top floor of our apartments. Believe me, this experience is absolutely blissful. It makes me feel so happy, so refreshing that I probably leave anything in its place to enjoy the sight of the moon. And if its' a full moon day, there comes the real taste of it. Awesome. Admirable. And can't wait to click it. And the below is the click of today's moon; just a day after the "Blue Moon" as they said it about the yesterday's moon! 

Thanks to the clear sky which came just for a while as if I was destined to take the above pic and as if it was giving me an idea to start this photography posts at my blog!

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