Aug 24, 2015

The tiny little world of everyone!

Everyone in this gigantic world constructs one's own tiny world around oneself. It can be about the work one does, the people one meets or values, or the intentions and ideas one possesses.  That tiny world appears as if its everything to an individual! A success in that tiny world satisfies as if the whole world is conquered. A joy of that little world gives immense pleasure that the rest of the world appears tiny. A sorrow of that tiny world disappoints as if the whole world is struct against. A failure in that world can depress to an extent that the whole world appears to be working against. This is the fact at the end of the day and is applicable for almost everyone, though exceptions can be there as always.

Having created our own world, we must also respect the path of others. We must give enough space for others to live their life the way they want to. Does not matter what's the relation between two, each one deserves the independence. Each one deserves their own time, although time must be spent together. It's all personal. Life is personal. One's own interests, one's own thoughts, one's own emotions plat major role and no one has any right to play with them or obstruct them. As much as one can, everyone shall try to let the others live the way they want. Everyone has a right to suggest, comment, appreciate and criticize. But no one has a right to command! While demanding someone to do something, it might appear that what we are doing is very right for that person, for many other people but ultimately what we think is what we believe in. There can be completely different perspective that can help the other persons in a far better way!

So, better we let live. Better the tiny little world of everyone is respected although not understood. Better people are allowed the way they deserve to live their own lives. After all, chance is only one for everyone to live! 

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