Aug 31, 2015

Wear Seat belt... Pic of the day #16

Car has almost become a necessity these days. Even though the public transportation is good enough, having a car ourselves gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of planning the travel or fulfilling an unplanned travel. While having a car and knowing the driving is a necessity,  wearing seat belt is compulsory. Although there is a warning on the display device, still many a people ignore it as if it's for nothing. Doing so in not just bad but can be proven dangerous for you and your co-passengers. It's made mandatory these days and at most of the times the drivers, especially the tempo, bus or truck drivers, wear it only when they see a traffic police in a distance. To get rid of the seat belt indication, they keep the belt buckled and sit over it! They are actually sitting over a 'danger' even though they feel like they have got rid of the red symbol for that moment. 

Usually children prefer to place themselves in the front seat on the co-passenger side. Firstly, children must be avoided seating there. And if they cannot be avoided from seating there, they must be seated along with at least an adult. If that's also not possible, as I understand from many of my friends who have kids, there are child seats available for infants and younger kids. It must be made available. Kids of four to ten years must be wearing seat belts even though they don't like it. It's about safety and parents must take care. Parents themselves must wear it at all the times in front of their kids in the car. 

Seat belt is a great invention. Let's utilize it fully. Its about safety and after all, what else matters while driving or for that matter living? Drive safe and be safe. 

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