Sep 11, 2015

Dictatorship and Love - A choice can still be made!

Where nothing else works, dictatorship and love still work. Dictatorship works relatively faster than love. Dictatorship brings the angle of helplessness and hence the response is relatively quick. Love works upon a person's comfort zone and hence the realization time is more and can be huge at times. Nevertheless, they both work. The way you have to adopt can be anything out of these two. But the way you prefer to adopt, usually, depends upon you patience level. The more patience you have the more you lean towards love. The less patience you have the more you tend to go the dictatorship way. Nothing out of the two can be concluded as right and wrong. Both work. Both did work. Both will work. History has many examples for both ways. The difference between , as I understand, is that the dictatorship works on the present generation or may be couple of the following ones. And love works on the present and also a few of the future generations. One more difference is that dictatorship works quick and love works slow, too slow at times. Coping up with the change of pace is crucial in dictatorship whereas in love, coping up with the huge time slot and still be able to be connected with each other is crucial. 

At the end of the day, it hugely dependent upon the way you are, the way you have been brought up, the way you understand the things, the way you connect with people and the way you wish to add value to your life and to million other lives. Choice is yours, as like in many other cases. 

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