Sep 18, 2015

Gardening... Pic of the day #20

Gardening is probably the most loved hobby although not the most common one! I've grown up seeing my parents and family members taking care of plants in our garden. Once in a while, I used to extend my hand too. It used to feel very refreshing after every gardening session. Sometimes I used to water the plants with a pipe and I never liked watering the plants with bucket and mug, somehow! We had a lot of plants in our garden including a white colored rose plant. This particular plant gave us a number of rose flowers. My mom used to wear them. I had short hair at that time and never liked to wear a big rose flower although my mom insisted at times and succeeded few times, especially on Fridays. 

Recently, in our flat at Pune we made some plantations. Mom was here that time for summer vacation. We had been to a nursery and chose the pots and plants that we wanted to take home! A small garden was eventually made in the terrace. Mom insisted me to plant at least one rose flower plant. But I was not for it as I always had bad experiences with rose flower plants except the while rose plant that I mentioned above. I thought and still think that rose plants do not grow easily! You need to take a lot of care! I was not somehow ready for that on that day. But lately, we bought a rose flower plant, this time a pink one. We planted it in one of the pots and so far it's doing good. Also, we bought a Tulasi plant. We chose a differently designed pot for it. Although we don't worship it, we felt that it needed a different kind of attention and place in our garden. 

So, that's how we added few more plants to our garden. Now, I water them with bucket and mug, even though I still do not like it fully! The problem is, there is tap connection to terrace and also the garden is not so big that we can invest a lot of time to connect a pipe! But anyway, watering the plants has become my hobby now and I'm happy about it. The monsoon rains here take care of a certain portion of my work. Yet, spending time with plants is an absolute stress buster for me. I feel like they communicate to me at times!  

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