Sep 18, 2015

Herbal/Green Tea... Pic of the day #21

I do not take tea or coffee. Even the chilling weather of Delhi, where I stayed for two years during my post graduation, could not succeed in making me drink tea or coffee. Not even the seven years of my work life, spent among the friends who would take tea or coffee number of times a day, could do that either. Somehow, I'm not the one for those drinks. And I do not think I will ever have to drink them, at least I hope for that. 

Recently, I've started taking the Herbal drink. It has all the types of healthy herbs as ingredients. It tastes too good with a mix of a couple of tea spoons of honey into it. I also have tasted green tea recently. And that did not impress me with its taste but as I understand, there are many anti oxidants available in the green tea. Hence its good for body's immunity system. I've Ginger and Cinnamon flavors at home. I've started taking the green tea and I hope I will continue drinking it in future as well. I recommend green tea for everyone. Instead of taking the coffee or tea, take green tea and let your cup of tea take care of your health. Anyone suffering with breathing problems can drink the Ginger flavor. It really works! A green tea in rainy season can keep you protected from a number of viruses. Also, the hot tea makes you feel better in your throat, if you are having a soar one. 

Have green tea along with your loved one and enjoy the added taste of love! 

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