Sep 11, 2015

Showcasing of work and the two perspectives!

Unless its a favor and that too if you are a believer of doing favors being anonymous, showcasing the work that you do is debatable. 

Its a perspective that showcasing of what you do is not required and only self satisfaction is sufficient. There is another perspective to it that showcasing is necessary and important in today's competitive world to grab the opportunities that you deserve. Whatever is the perspective you follow, be aware of the positive and negative sides of it and prepare yourself to handle them. 

If you do not showcase and just work, you are full in energies from within and you can do a lot of things as your level of self satisfaction and self sufficiency from within is untouchable. It remains as your strength. At the same time it can become your weakness if you do not take care! You are not showcasing what you are doing so you might not get a chance to get it reviewed. Hence, you might not get the feedback time to time. If there is any need to improve, you might realize very late. Not showcasing the work that you do gives you sufficient freedom to be what you are, to follow what you think is right, as you need not think about anything or anyone else while you work. This enables you to be yourself and provides an opportunity to give your best. And the negative side of it is, you will not be able to think over various perspectives while you work and hence your work can reflect monopoly and eventually it might not be useful for a wide range of audience! 

If you showcase your work, the quality of your work gets an added advantage as you prefer to be perfect even though what you do is not fully of your type. Your work might reflect various perspectives and the diversity levels will be higher. The more perspectives you think over, you consider, you respect, the better the work can be useful to a greater level of audience. But the negative side of it is, you always are under pressure to represent and consider all the possible perspectives and hence it might lead to delay in the delivery. In business, time to market is very important and similar is the case for any delivery that you do. If you cannot deliver things on time, that's half failure already. Of course, time  management and adjustment is possible even after considering all the perspectives but that might not always be possible. Showcasing your work always keeps you on your tows to be right, even though not true! This works and does not, depending upon the situations. 

It cannot be concluded upon what to be showcased and what not to be, even if its about a favor. You are the best judge to decide what to be showcased and what not to be. It varies from case to case. You can of course discuss with your close mates in case you are confused. But one thing is very clear that not everything can be showcased and not everything can go concealed. It varies. It depends. Showcasing gives the opportunities that you deserve as people know that what you are capable of. Not showcasing your talent or work might not get to you opportunities in short term but in long term there can be something good happening. Its all upto a person and the given situation. Your decisions build your career, so decide your way! 

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