Sep 12, 2015

Spring Onion... Pic of the day #19

Onion prices are racing high day by day these days. I think its 80 rupees per kilo now. Although some of us can afford it, if we buy the onions at such a high price, its going to become further difficult for those who cannot afford it. As the demand goes down, the prices goes down too. Now that's from the basics of economics I was taught in class tenth. 

Spring onion is very good for health and that's what google says by the way. I first had a look at it in Pune when one of my flat mates cooked its curry. Earlier to that I was not aware that there was such a vegetable existed. For sometime I was surprised and was resistant to eat the curry but once I tasted it, I was then comfortable continuing to eat it further. Since then, I've been cooking it once in a while. Recently I've bought one spring onion bunch from the market. Knowing the onion prices I thought the spring onion bunch would also cost more. But I was told by the shopkeeper that its cost was only ten rupees. After a brief surprise, I quickly paid the amount and got the spring onion bunch. 

That gives me an idea to give a tip to you all. We can cut the spring onion leaves and keep it in fridge. The pieces can be used in place of onion pieces in all curries and breakfast items. I tried this earlier as well when the onion rates were high once. Egg fry tastes too good with the spring onion. The 'Sambar' made with the small onions at the root of the spring onion leaves tastes just awesome! And more over, the whole bunch costs just ten rupees. Using the leaves instead of the onions in recipes is definitely going to reduce the price of the onions because the demand goes low! Hope this helps some of you! 

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