Sep 10, 2015

The panoramic view... Pic of the day #18

I'm a fan of panoramic photography. The below posted photo is one of the panoramic photos I've clicked lately. The panoramic view not just covers the major portion of the view but also enables us to capture the natural placement of all the things/people in their own positions instead of adjusting them to fit into the frame which we usually do while taking a normal photo. The panoramic photo option being provided in the smart phones is a very useful feature for all the photography lovers, especially the nature or landscape photography lovers. Certain landscapes cannot be captured together because of their length or the distance between two. The panorama photo option clicks away that problem and makes you enable to click as you wish. 

Thanks to the inventors of this feature! The phone that I use is giving a little trouble to click panoramic photos in a row. It works just normal for first few, and then it starts displaying a message to move the phone in any direction to start panorama view. Inspite me moving the phone in all possible directions, the panoramic view just does not start! The camera will have to be closed and reopened or at times the phone needs to be switched off and on to click the panoramic view. Hope this software or hardware bug, looks like, gets fixed soon! Looking forward for a flawless and countless clicking of panoramic views!

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