Sep 18, 2015

Things that matter and You!

Certain things appear a lot valuable than what they actually deserve. The first impression makes us believe that they are valuable. And over a period of time, we grow closer to such things and eventually start identifying ourselves with those. It becomes difficult thereafter to stay without them or even to rethink about them if they deserve so much attention of ours. Every time we try to rethink, an inner voice pitches up and makes sure that we postpone the thought process. Still, its never late to have realized about  what's important and what's not for us. Not every time the inner voice can come over us. There will be moments that make us feel free from any other distractions. Identify such moments and utilize the freedom to get to know what's really important. Hence get rid of the long closed opinion of yours about the things that you value really. Also, be attentive while getting closure to any thing. It can take ages at times to realize the hard facts behind your present moment's feeling like liking! 

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