Oct 29, 2015

Avoid explaining yourself!

A lot of times in our day to day lives it happens that we try to explain ourselves to a number of people without even realising how much that we say matters to other people. Even though it's a tough fact, it's worth knowing or rather realising. The way we matter to ourselves, we do not matter to many a people around us. The reason is very simple, it's noting different than the fact that your pain matters to you and you are obviously preoccupied with a lot of other matters. So is the case with others whom you think you are explaining yourself to. They are with preoccupied thoughts too. For them, there can be something else that's diverting their attention. They might have their own perceptions. In fact they will have. You need not be understood by everyone the way you understand yourself. Better avoid explaining yourself to others especially those who you think are already upto something! Usually, everyone is upto some or the other thing. So, we are barely left with any choice than practising to avoid explaining ourselves. In spite of you exposing your inner self, you will not be able to succeed in making people understand your true self. What they know is what they know you as in their perceptions. And perceptions do not change easily and frequently. Avoid explaining yourself. 

Of course, you must explain yourself at number of occasions. But choose such occasions carefully. And most importantly, choose your audience thoughtfully.

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