Oct 14, 2015

Dussera celebration... Pic of the day #23

Dussera celebration used to mean ten days of holidays in childhood. Going to the grand parents' house was the first thing that would come in mind. I don't remember much about the celebration. But I used to enjoy a lot in holidays as like any other kid in childhood. I along with friends used to wish for the exams to get over before the holidays so that there would not be any work to do or anything to read. Sometimes, the exams used to occur after the holidays. Not every time wishes come true! And when the exams were done before the holidays, some of the teachers would give home work to write answers to the question paper five times! Never understood what was that imposition for! Anyway, Dussera vacation used to be less for celebration and more for holidaying. 

Since last few years, I'm witnessing the celebration of Dussera. In office, we celebrate it on the day before as it's a holiday on that particular day. Three environment changes completely on this day at work. It feels really good and refreshing. Near our home here in pune, there is a ground in which they arrange a temporary temple and they play Dandia. They fill all the streets with LED lighting. They look very bright and stunningly beautiful. Only trouble is, they arrange for orchestra. And the sounds are unbearable! But anyway, they feel good too sometimes, especially when you are are alone! And they appear the worst, when you are watching a TV serial. Anyway, celebration is good unless it pollutes the environment. 

The below shown is one of the decorated hoarding of our street. 

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