Oct 4, 2015

Movie: The Martian: A memorable experience of Mars from Earth!

When for the first time I saw the title of the movie as "The Martian"in the book-my-show website, I remember telling a friend if the movie was about people living on Mars! To my surprise, from the Wikipedia page of the movie I learnt that the movie was about an astronaut, who was presumably dead and left behind on the Red Planet by a manned NASA mission to Mars. I immediately decided to watch the movie. Having had the Interstellar experience, I did a bit of study about the plot and understood from a review that math and science will be important to understand the plot further. But then, I stopped there. You know what, home work shall not be done to watch a film! It does not suit the weekend mood. 

I hate it to make it late for a movie! We missed, I guess, the first five minutes of the movie. Further to that, it took me another ten minutes to realise that the 3D glasses were to be cleaned instead of cursing the movie makers for keeping the film so dim! Once I wore back the glasses, there was no stopping thereafter. The plot was with full of edge-to-the-chair moments. The humor was entertaining too. But what I did not like was the timing of the humor. I felt that the humor certainly took away the involvement at many a scenes. It made me unable to empathize the main characters of the movie! It felt like the emotions were left out somewhere in the space-time! To add to that the back ground score was pathetic! It did not enhance the mood and literally it made me very boring at times. 

Whatever said and done, The Martian is a great attempt. It is not easy to make the audience believe that the plot is happening on a planet that's seen only in some pictures taken by satellites and no human has ever seen the real planet. The crew have done a fantastic job in making it appear closer to the red planet that we know. The screenplay is too good. Near to perfect, I'd say. The shots of the space ship are breathtakingly beautiful and unbelievable almost. The way the gender neutrality is maintained is appreciable. Every time I looked at Jessica, it felt as if I was watching the extension of Interstellar. And for the first time, we get to see her in an astronaut's outfit and not in a scientist's. 

All in all, its a good movie. It undoubtedly increases the positivity in you. You will also realise the power of "The Survival Instinct" that a life form possesses, in this movie the life form is a human. I also liked the assumption made in the plot that there is no life still on Mars. The absence of the aliens separates The Martian from the other sci-fic movies. A must watch I'd say! 

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