Oct 11, 2015

Movie: Rudramadevi - A great history shown in an unimpressive way!

The story of one of the great warrior queens, Rani Rudramadevi, is truly inspiring and thought provoking. It's full of unbelievable sacrifices of a number of people including she herself for the people of the kingdom. A girl had been portrayed as a boy for a tremendous ling time of twenty five years to save the people of the kingdom! That's seems unrealistic but it happened actually! The greatness of the thought of the minister of the kingdom and her parents is hailed a lot in the history. It's not about the baby if its a girl or a boy, it's the brought up that really makes anyone the person he or she is. And to create history, gender does not matter. Rudramadevi's life is a lived example of this fact. 

Unfortunately, the movie is not a greatly made one. Very poor sound track is one of the main culprits, I wondered if I was watching a film for which the music was composed by the maestro Ilayaraja! Characterization of many a characters is completely disconnected from scene to scene. Rudramadevi is sent out of the kingdom by the people for having bluffed to be a man, and you don't get any emotion watching it. You just feel normal! No emotional touch. No focus given to depict the political savvy of the queen and her minister. The war strategies of the great Kakatiya kingdom have not been shown at all! The snake and bird formations in the climax made no sense, except for the visual effects. All in all the movie is absolutely unentertaining! 

But, one may watch it once for Rudramadevi. 

Anushka has done a fantastically perfect job both as Rudradeva and Rudramadevi. If it was not her, no one else could have done such a justice to the character. Allu Arjun must be thanked for accepting the role. He has done one hundred percent justification too. I literally feel sorry for Rana. Other than the satisfaction of being part of a historic film that's made after thirty years in Telugu film industry, there is nothing much for him, I guess. The hype created has filled the box office on day one but the word of mouth is going to be hurdle for the collections in the following days. 

Years of handwork does not always gives you success. Gunashkhar garu is undoubtedly one of the best direction bet, but just not impressive this time. He either could have taken some more time or done more research along with many people before finalizing the story! Nonetheless, congratulations to him for being daring enough to believe in himself to put everything into something he is passionate about! Not everyone can do it. He will be remembered for this for longer and I wish him all the energy to bounce back. 

This is once again a good start for the historical film making. I hope many other biopics will be filmed in the years to come! 

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