Oct 15, 2015

People who are meant to be with you!

Don't be worried that not everyone around you is happy about your achievements. Not all of them are intended to be. Not all of them are meant to be. Even though it's ideal and theoretically possible that everyone around you be happy for you, practically it does not happen that way. This is the ultimate truth, fact can be something different though. It's not the problem with people at their personal level at the current time, it depends upon a lot of things including every person's nature of upbringing, which differs largely and cannot be generalised. 

So, don't be worried at all. It's quite normal and you are not the only one to face such people or rather, such mentalities. Many undergo this situation, after all there are innumerable achievements everyday, every minute. So don't feel that you are alone. Be strong and forgiving. Just move on with your life.

People who are intended and meant to be with you will always be with you. 

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