Nov 28, 2015

Colorful bangles... Pic of the day #26

I'd never been a vivid lover of bangles since my childhood until the day I purchased the set of glittering bangles shown in the picture below. It was only during my marriage that I took special interest in selecting various colors and designs of bangles. South Indian marriage is of course filled with lot of gold ornaments but the attraction that the bangles similar to the ones shown below is priceless. Bride's hands look just awesome with the bangles that match to the saree that she wears. So, I too wanted special appearance and attraction in my attire. And the immediate thing that I did was to purchase a set of bangles which had all main colors of bangles. 

The ones that are shown in the second row of the box in the picture are the ones that glitter, and at the same time they are the main culprits since the golden colored 'chumkys' get sticked to the hands and all over the body wherever the hand reaches while wearing them. I used them only during my wedding and later on, only the ones shown in the top row were preferred by me. I've used all these sets on so many occasions yet they still appear just new. And they don't give me a reason to look for some more new sets of bangles. But that's ok, I think as I'm still not a bangle buff. After using them for all these months on number of occasions, I never took time earlier to keep them in an order. I always used to pick up the required color from a complete mix. But during the recent vacation, I deliberately sat with them and kept them in an order. And then clicked them. My memories with these bangles are wonderful and every time I'm going to look at this picture, I will be super nostalgic for sure! Thanks to my cousin, Yamini for being there with me while I was selecting them and the time that we spent then is going to be memorable and cherishable for a long time. 

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