Nov 28, 2015

Diwali crackers... Pic of the day #27

First thing that comes to my mind when I think about Diwali crackers is going to market along with my father on his cycle to purchase crackers in childhood. As they, some of the childhood memories stay with us for a long time. The one that I said above is one of such for me. My father used to take me to market on the day of Diwali. I used to purchase crackers for one hundred rupees. In those days, for hundred rupees we used to get a carry bag full of items. After the purchase, we would go home and open up all the cracker boxes to expose them to the sun light. It was said that the crackers would lighten well if they were exposed to the sun light. I would keep them in the sun light until the evening. And in the night, at around 7:30 pm, I along with my parents and grand parents sometimes, would start cracking them out. One of my favorite item then and still is "Vishnu Chakram". One needs to hold the wire in hand and the other side of the wire would have the chakram, after the knot. When I was a kid, my father used to hold them for me and I used to enjoy. While looking at him, I used to wonder when would I hold them myself. After few years, I started holding them myself and just started loving that experience. 

Even during the recent Diwali, we purchased the Vishnu Chakrams and I enjoyed a lot. As the Chakram rotates in front of me when I hold it, my childhood memories occupy my mind to the full time. It's an awesome experience. I also like all other items in crackers and do not prefer to lighten the ones that make sound. Bhu-Chakram is yet another chakram that rotates on the ground, that gives great photos. Selfies and photos have become so casual in everyone's life style these days, but no one can dare to take a selfie when the Bhu-Chakram is rotating on the ground. Well, it can be attempted but not recommended from my side because of safety reasons. Match boxes is another item that I love. They come in all different colors and at different lengths these days. In my child good, the short ones used to be there and I used to lighten them even in the day time! Well, a lot of memories I've with crackers. I have never lost interest in them even though on couple of Diwali eves I did not lighten them supporting the Green Diwali concept. But, somehow, I could not continue doing that. Lightening them is good as they say from mythology, but for me, lightening them is more about reminiscing the memories from my childhood and of course to enjoy the colors and lights.

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