Nov 6, 2015

Maintain the distance!

What's important for us at one point of time might not be important for us at some other point of time. What appears as if it's everything at one point of time might no longer matter at later times. What makes us desperate at one point of time might never succeed at later time in inspiring us even to think about it. 

Anything that appears important in the present time might not carry any value in future, although this does not applicable to a few things, people and relationships. In general this is so with a lot of tasks that we do, a lot of things that we encounter with, a lot of people that we meet in our life's journey. This is nothing bad, this is just the fact! 

Make as many memories as you can any maintain a minimum distance with everything, so that you can move forward with a hope that there can be a better thing coming your way. 

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