Nov 18, 2015

Rice crops... Pic of the day #25

Rice crop is one of the main crops in India. And India is one of the world's largest rice producing countries. For a maximum portion of people in the southern part of India, rice is one of the main food item. Also, the southern India produces a larger portion of the total rice produced in India. Rice crops look very beautiful apart from being the main source of income for many a farmers. 

While we were going on a road trip lately, I clicked the above. The scenery has come awesome with the mountains in the back ground and the rice crops dancing to the tunes of a mild wind next to a national high way. While I love to drive, I like to click too. So, when I'm in car, I enjoy it thoroughly, be it when I've to drive or when I've to sit in the co-passenger seat. Both ways it's good! 

Below one is yet another picture taken from the national high way. It has also some very nicely with a free road and the coconut tress alongside. 100 kmph did seem nothing! 120 and 130 kmph looked like we were driving! In Pune, we do not get to drive on so vacant roads except on the express way from Mumbai to Pune! Every where its traffic and traffic. Even on the high speed way, you cannot go beyond 80-90 kmph as there are rough patches on road; unless you have a robust car, you cannot jump that speed figure. The Chennai-Kolkata national high way that we traveled on was too good for a long and fast drive! Try it once, if you ever get a chance. On a mild sunny day, the drive feels further beautiful. 

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