Nov 18, 2015

Scenic train journey... Pic of the day #24

The train journey between Mumbai and Pune is one of the best scenic journey I've ever been on. Train journey in Kerala first made me click the nature and landscapes in green. Since then I've been clicking the photos from train wherever I go, provided I like the landscapes, fields, house rows etc. It gives me great pleasure. When I reach the destination and look at those photos once again, the memories from the journey entertain me to a great extent. I enjoy the recollection. 

Above shown image was clicked around Lonavla city, which comes between Mumbai and Pune. It's a widely known tourist spot for the greenery, water falls and landscapes, especially in rainy season. I'd been to Lonavla earlier along with friends a couple of times. It's full of parks, view points and water falls and of course traffic too, in weekends though. The city is full of shops, small houses, independent row houses constructed in different adorable shapes. "Chikki" is a sweet which is very famous there. Many a types of Chikki is available but the one with ground nuts is the most famous. It's very tasty, at least once it must be tasted I'd say.

When we had been to Lonavla for the first time with friends, we had taken bat and ball and other sport items. We played in a park until the evening. It's an ultimate relaxation! We had taken a day off and had been on this trip hence it relaxed even further. One must agree that the trip that's planned on a working day gives more pleasure than the one arranged on a holiday, at least I feel so. Most of the people who came on that trip are not now with us in our company, as it's been at least four years now! These days, you know, people switch jobs as easily as the outings are planned. Well, that's better too, may be! It depends, as we cannot generalize. 

My recent journey, when the above pic had been taken was enjoyed to full extent. The tunnels that come on the way from Mumbai to Pune are the special attraction! Kids and college students, especially, enjoy them outwardly. It feels good to be amidst them while on journey. If you get a chance, please do this journey and do enjoy the scenic way!

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