Dec 31, 2015

#YearEnder Post: 2015


Had a thrilling year overall, especially with the streak of successes and happy moments came my way towards the end of the year. The major achievement of mine is 'gaining confidence to drive' as far as i'm concerned for this year. Apart from that, there have been a number of other achievements at work and in my personal life. Grown more closer to my loving people. Enjoyed a few moments of joy. Family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, bloggers and a lot of people played their part in all that happiness. Feeling thankful to all of them. May all their blessings continue to be with me in the next year. May I be able to do my best to them as well. 

Year after year, our awareness increases. So as our relationships, which are the most important ones in life. Looking forward for further betterment in 2016. Also looking forward to continue to be dedicated in whatever I do and hopeful about a few more successes and happy moments. May we all enjoy every moment of this year. 

Wish you all a very happy new year! 2016! 

Partha uncle, thank you so much for always being there to read my posts and sending your feedback. Wish you good health and long writing!!! Happy new year again. 

This is also my 250th post of this year. Enjoyed every post as always and looking forward to cross triple century next year! Feeling thrilled about this too. 

Dec 29, 2015

Count your age by the smiles!

So as you,
Everyone has a story.
Count your age,
By the number of stories,
That you bring,
The smiles in. 

Try not to judge!

Apparently, what we do not understand is seen as something supreme. Irony, that we do not apply the same to people those whom we think that we do not understand. According to us, they deserve to get judged the most and cannot be supreme in any sense! Ego plays its part and we call it 'destiny', again to satisfy the same.

Try not to judge people. There can be nothing better to live with. 

Being fluent... Take Home #509

Being fluent in the language is important for any communicator. At the same time, being fluent in thoughts is further more important to connect to the majority of audience. 

Destroy or disable... Take Home #508

In the game of chess, the power that cannot help is the power that does not exist

Either destroy or disable the powers of your opponent to get going. And this is applicable not just to chess, but also to any game that people play. 

Dec 28, 2015

Help and develop... Take Home #507

Helping people win strengthens your confidence somewhere deep within, which will encourage you to keep helping people.

Help each other. Develop together.

Power of defense... Take Home #506

Having no chance to play an offensive game is an opportunity for you to show the power of your defensive game. Play the defense and wait for that one wrong step of your opponent, cashing which might turn the game for you! Either there comes a wrong step of your opponent or a defeat of yours. Both of them are powerful enough to make you learn the important lessons game often teaches. 

Dec 27, 2015

The Wrong Step... Take Home #505

Not the strategy of yours, but at times, the wrong step of your opponent lets you win the game. Hence, along with the strategical outlook, have an eye on the moves of your opponents. Its your responsibility to convert the wrong steps of your opponents into the stepping stones for your success. 

Dec 25, 2015

That's my definition of 'Love'

Love is the responsibility that you undertake for a lifetime.
Happiness or sorrow, win or loss, smiles or tears, life or death, 
Whatever happens, you have your share of responsibility too. 

The Question... Take Home #504

Trying to answer the question that makes you come out of your comfort zone is the question that can change the way you think, the way you see things and the way you handle situations. Let the questions come to you by being open for them all the time. Try to answer a maximum of them, if not for every questioner, at least for yourself every time. 

Identify the people... Take Home #503

What a person for you shall be what he or she is for you, but not what he or she is for the world. Always identify the people of what they are for you. Be the one for them that they identify you as. Never allow yourself to be a victim of social chit-chat.

Life is a celebration... Take Home #502

Life is an every  moment's celebration provided we understand the essence of celebrating every moment we live. 

The sports leagues in India are primitive yet efficient in a way!

Although I was a huge follower of 'Cricket', I used to wonder why it was only Cricket and cricketers that would get the money and attention at every step in India. It was easier for me to imagine seeing the players from other sports getting the similar attention of the nation; but at the same time, it was extremely difficult for me to believe that it would happen in the recent times. It was before around five years that the above said used to come into my thoughts. But today, if I think about it, I can say confidently that the day is not too far when the sports personalities from the other sports start getting the payments they need and the attention they deserve. 

According to me, this change is made possible by the various sports leagues that have been getting organized in India since few years now. The belief of the sponsors behind all these sports leagues must be applauded. As I remember it, it all started with the Indian Premier League's stupendous success in 2008. IPL took the standards and confidence of the cricketers to a next level. The franchise owners and sponsors got benefited beyond the expectations. At the same time, IPL's success inspired a few people who then started thinking of organizing similar leagues in a few other games. 

One after the other, the leagues started in various other sports. Some of them turned out to be magnanimous. One of such was Pro-Kabaddi, which had seen tremendous response from the audiences in its inaugural season itself. The success of this league was not just the success of its sponsors and franchise owners, rather, it was the success of the years of desperation the Kabaddi players had undergone until the start of the league. Indian Badminton League had its ups and downs, but over all, it was too an apt one to have got conducted amidst the winning streak of Indian badminton players on the world stages. Later to this league, there have been a lot of memorable successes of the Indian Badminton players in the tournaments around the globe. 

Indian Super League, which came with a caption "Let's Football", was yet another great hit in its inaugural season. A lot of celebrities got involved in the campaigning of this league. The reason could be anything, be it the involvement of some of the celebrities themselves in the franchises or be it the money-flow that was involved in the campaigning, the ISL ultimately came out as a star-studded show. And this league has its own impact on the younger generation. A lot of kids are now a days seen joining the football coaching camps in summers, which was the scenario earlier with cricket. Soccer is the most watched and loved game in the world. If the Indians can make their mark in such a sport, it will be good to experience. Hockey India League tried its best to bring back the old glory of the sport in India. To some extent, it's been successful I'd say. Somehow, in spite of it being our national game, it's becoming difficult for Hockey to see the light of the day. One day, hopefully, it shall be back with a bang! International Premier Tennis League and Pro-Wrestling League India have been the latest ones in the recent years. These are expected to be the winners, over a period of time. 

Except Tennis, Badminton and Wrestling leagues, where the population of the women players is formidable, all the other leagues have been restricted to men still. Pro-Kabaddi and Hockey Indian League fully deserve to get immediately extended to let women play, where women teams have been consistently performing on the world stage, like the men's teams. Cricket, even though the most watched sport in India in the current times, still is too backwards in terms of encouraging women players. Rather, the male cricketers are getting more than deserving attention, which is eventually making the women players look too far away from the glory. I pity BCCI, the big one that they say, in this respect. They must work upon the game for women as well. Just like cricket, football as well is studded by men stars around the globe. Inspite of being the most watched, women are not yet into it. Anyway, there as well encouraging women is going to make it further interesting. Personally, I would love to watch Indian Athletics League getting succeeded. I like watching Athletics, especially the 'relay' event. It just gets into me, somehow. Well, a lot of work has to be done in Athletics in India I guess. 

Having said all that, I must admit to the fact that every league, except of cricket, in India is at the moment in its primitive stage. Yet, each one of it has been very efficient in a way that it gets the sport closer to masses. To people. To sports lovers. To sports worshipers. To players and their parents. This is a very good sign for the future of all these sports in India. Olympics are round the corner now in 2016 at Rio. Its expected that the number of medals will be improved compared to the last London games. Going forward, with the success of a lot leagues and professionalism getting sunk in almost every game in India in the form of leagues, I believe, the scenario changes a lot and so as our country's position in the medals tally in all big sport stages. Looking forward for that day! 

Dec 22, 2015

Be happy. Be wise.

"Being Happy Is One Way Of Being Wise"

That's well put. Amidst all that goes around us, remembering to be happy all the time does not work. Wanting to be happy does not work. Behaving as if we are happy does not work either. Acting to be happy never works and better not to talk about it. 

Being happy is not an action. Its an attitude, which has to be worked upon to master it. It's not easy. It takes a lot of realizations of life, of love, of world and of people. We must be willing to accept the way the things are, the way the people are, the way the world is and the way the life happens within us. What happens around us can be responded upon wisely by knowing what's happening within us. Happiness comes from within and shall come from within. Being happy is just about being wise. It's about being positive about the occurrences and being determined to face them off. Happiness comes from a strong belief that every problem has a solution and that every solution can be found out. When our attitude is so, it's not difficult to be happy. And hence it's not difficult to be wise. 

Dec 21, 2015

Forever Love!

Forever we are
Embodied together.
Love is the bond,
between us and beyond. 

Movie: Bajirao Mastani - Yet another artistic marvel from Bhansali

Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

There is a mark that every artist leaves on his or her work. Few of the artists are versatile and very few are monotonously brilliant. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one such directors of Indian cinema, who belongs to the later category. Monotonous yet attractive every time. Its a very difficult feat to achieve. 'Bajirao Mastani' is yet another visual treat from him after his previous venture, 'Ram-Leela'. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are the same lead actors of both the films, yet the way their characters have been depicted in both of the films deserves a stupendous applauds. Not even for a moment, you feel like watching the same pair on the screen. Their body language has been tremendously worked upon. Film to film. Character to character. Dialogue to dialogue. Shot to shot. Emotion to emotion. Every single thing has been perfectly moulded.

Ranveer Singh has done an awesome job. His body language variations are the highlights of the film. His expressions have come out so perfect that the involvement he has had in the character has paid off. His dialogue delivery is wonderful too. All about him in this film is immensely impressive. Deepika and Priyanka have done good jobs. Deepika's body language in some of the war shots must have been worked upon more. I felt a little disappointment in that respect. Otherwise, she, as always, has done a great job. Loved Priyanka in her cute expressions. 

The pace in the movie is uneven as per me. At times running forward before understanding anything and at times staying at one scene for longer than required, the screen play is one of the areas of "could have done better". However, the dialogues in the slow moving scenes are the perfectly written ones. They just don't bore! Music is adorable. Costume work is too good a job. Fast moving camera shots, especially in the war sequences, are one of the draw-backs I guess. But fortunately, its barely noticeable. 

All in all, its a good movie. Feeling good to have learnt about the great Marata Peshwa of 18th Century. Looking forward for more biopics, especially the historic ones. 

Assurance and opportunity... Take Home #501

Even though its important to get assurances, it's not wise to wait for them in deciding to grab the opportunities. First grab the opportunity and then work towards figuring out the ways to get the necessary assurances. 

Being polite... Take Home #500

Being polite is one of the best ways to show our gratitude towards the people we come across. After all, we learn some or the other thing from everyone we know. 

Patriotism and nation building!

Below is the article written by me for a friend participating in an elocution competition. I always enjoyed participating in elocution competition and the article below made me recollect some of my best moments from my school-life.

Patriotism is a strong conviction that this country is superior to everything because we were born in it. It is about being loyal to the country and people. Patriotism is displayed in actions rather than limiting it to thoughts, by supporting the country and standing by people all the time. India is the land we were born and hence it’s indeed superior to us. Keeping our individual interests aside, worshiping the country and building upon the strong values our ancestors showcased is the way forward for all of us as citizens of India.

‘Unity in diversity’ makes India a cynosure. Every generation has to strive to keep up this moto of our country. Everyone must be ready to do anything for our nation, as individuals and as teams, whenever required. A strong feeling called ‘oneness’ can keep the people bonded. While this can be true for any country, our prime responsibility as Indians is to work for our nation, is to keep building this nation.

Younger generations must be concentrated more upon to develop any country and so is the case with our country too. Education must be given the utmost importance. Knowledge makes people think. Thinking makes people question. Questioning makes society competent. People from a competent environment can turn things to their brighter side irrespective of the difficulties to be handles at every step. Government must benchmark some of the world’s best education systems and shall chart out the steps to follow in India. Although there have been many changes seen now a days in the education system, the changes that have been made are not evident enough of the desired change in the people mind set as well as in our economic growth. ‘Free education for all’ is the trend in many a developed countries. The same shall be adopted in India too. The educationalists must be listened more. Their suggestions must be valued and implemented.

Younger people like us shall think country-first. The opportunities must be searched for in this country itself, by being in here, by staying here. “Make in India” and “Digital India” are some of the initiatives that are looking very promising in the current time. As Indian citizens we all must support the government at all the times, irrespective of which political party is ruling. Nothing is perfect so as the government that rules, be it anyone at any time. The protests, in case required, shall be made in such a way that the national interest comes first rather than the individual agenda of someone, of some political party. We must think rational before acting. Be it to follow an initiative of the government or be it to show the protest. We must think. We must understand the advantages and disadvantages of doing anything. Only when we are convinced, we must do that but not because someone wants us to do something. As said earlier as well, doing this improves the questioning ability in people.

We must develop positive mindedness. It’s a quality of an individual which can improve the quality of life of a society and country. Looking at the things the way they are is important and at the same time, taking out the positivity from the things going around us makes us believe that the best will happen. We must encourage the feeling of ‘oneness’ among ourselves. ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. Even though this is an old saying, it carries a lot of value today too. We must stand united with everyone around us. Making groups around us is nothing but contributing towards making millions of different groups in our nation. Group-ism cannot take India forward. Its only unity which can do it. We all must think as a team, one team. A team can have individuals with different thought processes, capabilities, interests etc. But as a member of our team, our nation, the interest of the team and nation shall come first always. Competition is an important parameter for success. Healthy competition shall be the way forward. Encouraging each other must be our moto.

By doing these small things, by implementing these small changes in our lives, we can contribute better towards our nation’s development. We must show patriotism only. And no other ‘ism’ is powerful than this. We must believe this. Always in history, a few generations have to suffer before the change is seen or implemented. Let’s be willing to suffer to make our next generations flourish. India is a great country and Indians must think and do great too.  

Dec 13, 2015

The person in you... Take Home #499

Appreciation is one of the means to touch a person. Being genuine in appreciation is one of the means to touch the person in you.

As simple as that!

Purpose inspires.
Dedication encourages.
Work pays off.

Be humble... Take Home #498

Confidence and clarity are good to have. They make our convictions better and stronger. However, there are many a possibilities around us and so is a possibility that we are wrong too at some point. Realizing this fact makes us humble from inside and outside. It's very important to be humble as much as possible, because we could be wrong! And even if we are correct, being humble makes us look perfect. 

Think noble... Take Home #497

When we see the task at hand as a noble one, all the materialistic distractions can be overcome including the desire to get recognized. This does not seem practical, but it's truly possible. 

Dec 11, 2015

In the times of crisis... Take Home #496

In the times of crisis, do what you know better and that you are known doing for, rather than trying to learn something new and attempting that. New attempts cannot deny success to you but at the same time, they always carry a higher chance of failure which you cannot afford in the times of crisis. 

Dec 9, 2015

Priorities... Take Home #495

At different points of time in our lives, we need to prioritise different activities. The more we feel responsible to the activity which is currently prioritised, the less we regret about the other activities that we are not able to prioritise, even though we would like to do so. Also, the more we feel responsible, the more we give ourselves to. 

Dec 8, 2015

Opportunity... Take Home #494

Learning makes life interesting and opportunities make us feel worthwhile. Give your best to the opportunities that come to you and experience the joy of opportunities that keep coming to you.

And the below quote, it's worth practicing. I second it. 

Dec 6, 2015

Express love... Take Home #493

Expressing love and keeping on expressing love is the key to a successful marriage. Respecting each other, supporting each other, encouraging each other, taking care of each other, allowing each other their freedom etc are all there and are of course required. Expressing love is important to be able to recognize and empathize with all those said above happening between the two people involved in a marital relationship.


The image says it all and no need to say anything further. But just want to mention that I'm going to try following this and want to see what change it can bring to my thought process. Hope I will experience something different and pleasant. Hope I'll succeed in saying nothing negative! You may try this, if interested. 

Dec 5, 2015

The generation that we belong to!

Neither the decade of our birth nor the level we belong to in our family tree, but our thoughts and actions decide which generation we belong to.

A lot of times I get to here this "old generation". Usually its heard while it's being said to older people. A lot of questions keep coming to me every time this phrase comes to my mind. Does the age really indicate the generation a person belongs to? Can the age or the decade of a person's birth confirm to which generation he or she belongs to? Or is it that a person's thoughts let the others know the generation that he belongs to? And the actions, are they the ones that actually confirm the generation a person belongs to? And so on. But mainly these. Here I sit on a weekend's day to scribble down my views and the answer that I believe is right for the streak of questions mentioned above. 

Let's take a case of two people who hail from one family, whose age difference is two years, but are from different levels of their family tree. I.e. for in general terminology, two generations. The elder of them is obviously made feel that he is older than the other person by age and also by relation. And by relation, a lot of times he is made believed that he is from an earlier generation when compared to the person who is younger to him by just couple of years. The younger person, on the other hand, is made feel younger than he actually is and is also made believed that he hails from the next generation of the family. Now these two people, since their age difference is too small, go through the education more or less together, go through various other phases of their lives as they come, at a relatively same time. Over a period of time with the respective advancements in their lives, they develop their own thoughts, ideologies, and friend groups. After a few years, on one fine day, when these people are analysed independently by their behavioral and thinking pattern, the following facts turn up. 

The elder one behaves and thinks similar to the people who hail from the same level of their family tree. And the younger one behaves and thinks more or less similar to the people who hail from his level of their family tree. 

The above is one case and the result of which might or might not be applicable for all similar cases. Nonetheless, I believe it happens the same way in most of the cases. With the deeply connected family systems, we tend to develop ourselves more closer to the people who belong to our level in our family trees. Our thoughts and actions usually get matched with the people belong to our level by relation, provided the age gap is not too far. But is it rightly happening? Is this a right situation to be in? Is that a right way to bring up the generations? I think no. A big 'no'. 

Its not our level in the family tree that can let us know how to think or what to do. It's not the decade of our birth that decides to which generation we belong to. It's actually what we think and do can only define the generation that we belong to. And what we think and what we do have got a lot to do with the way we are brought up and the way we have been encouraged to think. Since the brought ups are different, since the situations have been different for all of us, we think differently. 

Some of us think backward, some of us think forward. Some think beyond the reality and some hardly understand the reality. Some of us use the technology and some of us struggle to do every task all by ourselves. Some of us think new, some of us like the old. Some of us are practical and some of us get stuck with the theory. Some of us get used to the way we live and some of us keep realizing the dreams with never quit attitude. Well, all these cannot happen at all the times with any person, we keep changing with time, with situation. We behave differently, think differently from situation to situation depending upon a lot of factors.  What makes people get segregated in terms of generations? It's they way we are. The way we think. The way we do. Not the age, for sure. That's the reason why at times we come across few people who do not seem to belong to the generation of their age. They either appear a generation ahead or one before. 

Brought up indeed has a lot impact on every one of us. Situations to matter to all of us and make us do that we do. But apart from these two, the strong will to develop ourselves time to time, update our selves time to time, think beyond the social and all other barriers can make us cross the generation gap. Let's take the same example given above. If the elder one gets himself accustomed with the latest trends and exhibits a behavior that's more rational, he can cross the generation gap. And if the younger one for some reason, starts behaving and thinking a lot backward, then he might appear to have come from a generation before! This is quite possible and practical.

All that we need to do is to be contemporary in our thoughts and actions. Or may be more than contemporary. Being contemporary does not mean to do what's everyone around is doing. Its about following the basics to the core and maintaining the values in everything. One must all the time satisfy the needs of the people around him, and along with that one must be rational in his thought process, must update himself about the advancements the world is moving ahead with. And must believe that what's happening is happening for betterment and in case any hazardous is happening, the same must be confronted. None of us alone cannot do all this on our own. We all need teams and we must set up our own teams, along with neighbors, friends, colleagues and strangers at times if required etc. 

Everything is possible so is overcoming the generation gap and so is the attitude to decide the generation that we belong to. Neither the decade of our birth nor the level we belong to in our family tree, but our thoughts and actions decide which generation we belong to.

Think new; be new... Take Home #492

'New' need not be big. It just needs to be different. Do new things. Roam around new places. Identify the new things that get added in your daily routine. Keep developing the zest to do new things. Add newness to your life. 'New' need not be big. It just needs to be different. 

Think new and be new.

Dec 2, 2015

Celebrate... Take Home #491

Celebrating the journey is as important as celebrating the success. Celebrate every moment.