Dec 22, 2015

Be happy. Be wise.

"Being Happy Is One Way Of Being Wise"

That's well put. Amidst all that goes around us, remembering to be happy all the time does not work. Wanting to be happy does not work. Behaving as if we are happy does not work either. Acting to be happy never works and better not to talk about it. 

Being happy is not an action. Its an attitude, which has to be worked upon to master it. It's not easy. It takes a lot of realizations of life, of love, of world and of people. We must be willing to accept the way the things are, the way the people are, the way the world is and the way the life happens within us. What happens around us can be responded upon wisely by knowing what's happening within us. Happiness comes from within and shall come from within. Being happy is just about being wise. It's about being positive about the occurrences and being determined to face them off. Happiness comes from a strong belief that every problem has a solution and that every solution can be found out. When our attitude is so, it's not difficult to be happy. And hence it's not difficult to be wise. 

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