Dec 21, 2015

Patriotism and nation building!

Below is the article written by me for a friend participating in an elocution competition. I always enjoyed participating in elocution competition and the article below made me recollect some of my best moments from my school-life.

Patriotism is a strong conviction that this country is superior to everything because we were born in it. It is about being loyal to the country and people. Patriotism is displayed in actions rather than limiting it to thoughts, by supporting the country and standing by people all the time. India is the land we were born and hence it’s indeed superior to us. Keeping our individual interests aside, worshiping the country and building upon the strong values our ancestors showcased is the way forward for all of us as citizens of India.

‘Unity in diversity’ makes India a cynosure. Every generation has to strive to keep up this moto of our country. Everyone must be ready to do anything for our nation, as individuals and as teams, whenever required. A strong feeling called ‘oneness’ can keep the people bonded. While this can be true for any country, our prime responsibility as Indians is to work for our nation, is to keep building this nation.

Younger generations must be concentrated more upon to develop any country and so is the case with our country too. Education must be given the utmost importance. Knowledge makes people think. Thinking makes people question. Questioning makes society competent. People from a competent environment can turn things to their brighter side irrespective of the difficulties to be handles at every step. Government must benchmark some of the world’s best education systems and shall chart out the steps to follow in India. Although there have been many changes seen now a days in the education system, the changes that have been made are not evident enough of the desired change in the people mind set as well as in our economic growth. ‘Free education for all’ is the trend in many a developed countries. The same shall be adopted in India too. The educationalists must be listened more. Their suggestions must be valued and implemented.

Younger people like us shall think country-first. The opportunities must be searched for in this country itself, by being in here, by staying here. “Make in India” and “Digital India” are some of the initiatives that are looking very promising in the current time. As Indian citizens we all must support the government at all the times, irrespective of which political party is ruling. Nothing is perfect so as the government that rules, be it anyone at any time. The protests, in case required, shall be made in such a way that the national interest comes first rather than the individual agenda of someone, of some political party. We must think rational before acting. Be it to follow an initiative of the government or be it to show the protest. We must think. We must understand the advantages and disadvantages of doing anything. Only when we are convinced, we must do that but not because someone wants us to do something. As said earlier as well, doing this improves the questioning ability in people.

We must develop positive mindedness. It’s a quality of an individual which can improve the quality of life of a society and country. Looking at the things the way they are is important and at the same time, taking out the positivity from the things going around us makes us believe that the best will happen. We must encourage the feeling of ‘oneness’ among ourselves. ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. Even though this is an old saying, it carries a lot of value today too. We must stand united with everyone around us. Making groups around us is nothing but contributing towards making millions of different groups in our nation. Group-ism cannot take India forward. Its only unity which can do it. We all must think as a team, one team. A team can have individuals with different thought processes, capabilities, interests etc. But as a member of our team, our nation, the interest of the team and nation shall come first always. Competition is an important parameter for success. Healthy competition shall be the way forward. Encouraging each other must be our moto.

By doing these small things, by implementing these small changes in our lives, we can contribute better towards our nation’s development. We must show patriotism only. And no other ‘ism’ is powerful than this. We must believe this. Always in history, a few generations have to suffer before the change is seen or implemented. Let’s be willing to suffer to make our next generations flourish. India is a great country and Indians must think and do great too.  

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