Dec 31, 2015

#YearEnder Post: 2015


Had a thrilling year overall, especially with the streak of successes and happy moments came my way towards the end of the year. The major achievement of mine is 'gaining confidence to drive' as far as i'm concerned for this year. Apart from that, there have been a number of other achievements at work and in my personal life. Grown more closer to my loving people. Enjoyed a few moments of joy. Family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, bloggers and a lot of people played their part in all that happiness. Feeling thankful to all of them. May all their blessings continue to be with me in the next year. May I be able to do my best to them as well. 

Year after year, our awareness increases. So as our relationships, which are the most important ones in life. Looking forward for further betterment in 2016. Also looking forward to continue to be dedicated in whatever I do and hopeful about a few more successes and happy moments. May we all enjoy every moment of this year. 

Wish you all a very happy new year! 2016! 

Partha uncle, thank you so much for always being there to read my posts and sending your feedback. Wish you good health and long writing!!! Happy new year again. 

This is also my 250th post of this year. Enjoyed every post as always and looking forward to cross triple century next year! Feeling thrilled about this too. 

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