Mar 20, 2015

Process and the problems... Take Home #375

Not having a process is not the problem. Having no interest in setting up one certainly is. On the contrary, having one is alright. But taking no interest in looking at it to correct the pitfalls is again as equally problematic as not having the process at all. 

Value such people... Take Home #374

People who know you for your success might or might not be there for you when you lose. However, the interesting truth of life is that there are certain people who are at all the times there with you and for you. Cherish and value them more than anyone. 

Mar 15, 2015

The pleasingly surprising winning streak of Team India!

I never thought I will write about one of the most surprising yet very pleasing winning streak of Team India in the world cup 2015 down under. Even when they won the world cup in 2011 on home soil, they still lost matches. However, this time round, they made sure being their best. World cup down under is special as far as the sub-continental players are concerned. Its not just about cricket strategies against opponent players, its also about reading the pitch, getting adjusted to the conditions, preparing oneself to face the pace. Its a great challenge for the captains and coaches especially, to make sure their players are up to the mark in terms of their psychological preparation. I'm truly happy that Team India could win all six league matches in a row. They are through to the quarter finals and are up against another team from the sub-continent, Bangladesh, who as well performed unexpectedly very well. 

If Pakistan can make it today against Ireland, then all four teams from the sub-continent will  be in the last eight. That's a great achievement for all the players from the Indian subcontinent. Best wishes to Pakistani team for whom the win against Ireland is a serious due to Bob Wolmer, their former coach. 

Along with it being six on six for India, its sixty on sixty for the bowling department, which is unbelievable still. But these guys, as a team, have proven that anything is possible provided you have the conviction and discipline. Whomsoever they had been up against, they were disciplined enough to support executing the team strategies. No star players are around but they have proven that they are not required always. Batting department is as always one of the India's strongest points. From the top to the middle order, everyone have done tremendously well so far.  I think that's a good confidence gain before the knockouts. If at all there is any disappointment, that's surely Ravindra Jadeja's performance. Its true that he has not yet delivered his best, I just hope he comes to the form too, which is the state of mind as per Dhoni and is indeed required before the face-offs.   

I wish Team India all the best to perform to their best capabilities. Defending the title is the aim which has been done so profoundly by them so far. It will be interesting to watch if India will be the same against the opponents in the knock-outs. Join me in wishing them all the possible strength. 

Mar 8, 2015

Losing the game in mind is the worst thing to be experienced by any player!

Losing the battle in mind is the worst thing to be experienced by a player or a team on field. This is what I've just witnessed Saina Nehwal suffering from in her All England Badminton Super Series finals playing against the Spaniard Carolina Marin. On the other hand, Marin  found the inspiration from within on the account of couple of points she won in row towards the closure of the first game of the match. Although she lost the first game, the way she fought back to gain thirteen championship points had been amazing. In that winning stint of her, more role was, I belief, of Saina rather than of Marin alone. It was Saina who lost the battle in her mind towards the middle of the decider game and eventually went on to lose the match and the championship. 

The body language of Saina Nehwal during the match while she was trailing Marin was evident enough that the psychological preparation she had undergone was just not sufficient. More than  the technique and physique, its the psychological aspects  that play considerably major role in the crucial matches, especially in the finals rounds of any major tournament. of course the former duo matter but not to an extent that the win is so big as that of Marin's today. The huge difference in the points in the final set was surprising and I strongly believe that it was Saina who was succumbed to her own nervousness. 

The zeal to fight is neither an over night's exercise nor an year's practice. Its the attitude basically, which must be built into a player's thought process during the early years of practice. If only the technical aspects are observed and the psychological aspects are overlooked, its never easy to overcome the high pressure games although the opponent is equally talented. This is my observation not just from badminton but from every sport I watch. There is a huge set back what especially I have seen the Indian players suffer from and that's the lacking of metal toughness as an individual and as a team. Coaches shall come up with the methodologies. I'm not proficient enough to  suggest, obviously. However, I believe that there is a way out! 

There are players who have proved that mental toughness and strong mindedness are possible and that's very much human. They are those who play as if they have no nerves, as if they cannot be defeated, as if they can win the matches from no where and they did that on many occasions. They are to some extent, gifted players but to a greater extent, their upbringing, the experiences in early years, and the coaching standards must have had their longing impact. They mostly appear fearless! 

Let's take a case. Out of all the renowned cricketers we have in our country, Dhoni is said to be the only one with such a calmness and mental toughness. From all those crores of Indians, and among all those hundreds of cricketers this country has produced, Dhoni is only the one who said to be the cool-captain! Its not just said, its always seen too. Not every captain can come up the order in the world cup final on home soil and play a winning knock under huge pressure! It's Dhoni's style! Yes it is. That's his attitude and that would not have come with training but must have been because of the way his brought up had been. For him, as I understand it, sport is not about winning and losing. Its just about playing. Its just about going into the middle and giving the best possible. For him, Captaincy is not about the high pressure responsibility, but its just about any other responsibility in life, may be like a son's. Being responsible is important, weather its as India's captain or as a son or friend, you have to be responsible. All these must be equal with may be a slight differentiation. Talking as a winning captain and as a losing captain means just a talk and not the result. Life is ahead, in life everything is possible, every defeat and win are possible. This is one! It might be that way, as I understand it. Or may be he feels the pressure too, but the way he portrays himself, none of us would believe even if he himself says that he feels tensed, he feels pressurized. Of course, he is a human being and he has every emotion too. Its just that way he looks at life and builds the attitude that decides his gesture and perspectives. 

This must be possible for every person provided the necessary care is taken and the necessary circumstances come in everyone's way. Definitely, circumstances cannot be created the same way in everyone's life, however, few methods could be followed which I believe are available in the kitty of psychiatrists. This is like a thesis which must be thoroughly understood and implemented with utmost discipline. Coaches are primarily the ones who can do all this to any player especially at his early ages. Parents have to play a bigger role too in shaping up their kids' attitude. Everyone around must put enough thoughts and efforts. This all looks ideal. In some cases all this may just happen like that. But that's not out of consciousness. Just imagine, if this can be worked out in a strategic way that making a player who is psychologically incredible, it will be yet another achievement of mankind. It is possible and I do believe so.  

Btw, Congratulations Carolina Marin for that wonderful display of courage, deceptiveness and a great zeal. 

Women and the work life balance- Its not easy; however, its important!

To all the ladies out there, I wish a very happy women's day! Being a woman is itself a celebration. This is the day to celebrate the celebration. 

The more you be a woman,
The more you realize the importance.
The more you realize,
The more you love being a woman.

Having been a woman myself and having been observed many a women daily, the above lines are out of my own experience. The more you be a woman, the more you love being a woman! 

I was never a feminist. Of course, I'm not either. I strongly believe that being human and believing in humanism is more important than believing in any other 'ism'! In my experience, I'm a woman and I do what according to me that I should do. I also do certain things which need to be done by a woman as per the cultural rules of the nation I've been born and brought up in, that's India. I'm enough thoughtful to understand the biological truths about being a woman and I'm not worried at all about them.  I be the woman I'm supposed to be. And I'm happy about it, ecstatic too at most of the times. 

The very basic fact that what I can do cannot be done by a man makes me energetic and ruthless in going for it. Be it the personal life or professional life, its the similar way I see things. If you can do something, you better do it. And if only you can do something, you must do it. You must celebrate doing that too. Gone are the days when women stayed at home looking after the household work only. I've full respect for all those who did that. In the culture and the times there lived, they did a fantastic job. However, I'm not sure how much percentage of them would have been conscious about and enjoyed what they had to do. 

The current times have altogether got different challenges for women. Its no more just a home-sitting. Its beyond that. In some cases, its  beyond what their husbands do. Its the woman's choice that makes then what they are and what they do. The moment they choose something, that means that are understandably conscious about what they are doing. The moment the choice turns out into reality, that's an enjoyment. This might or might not be true in all cases, however, considering the present times, this is it. Along with being a woman, its also about her work life. 

The work lives are prevailing so much to an extent that the personal life comes to a halt for the second half of the working week. And the weekend remains to be the only time to spend with family, to spend on herself, to spend for the major household works. May be that's a little too much to be left out for the weekend, which sometimes also gets occupied by work she gets home. Doing the above said jobs on the weekend makes the time run faster than may be Usain Bolt! Going into bed on the Sunday night with a fearful fact coming to the mind that the next day is actually a 'Monday' makes the sleep disturbing too at times. All in all, weekend ends on a moody note although it begins with all excitement. All this happens not because of the virtue of the work-life, but because of the lack of work-life balance. 

What we do on a weekend in half-an-hours time can also be done on a weekday in the same amount of time, if we look at it without any reservations. But just that the time on the weekday is not utilized properly, and also that it is so strongly put into many of ours minds that 'this task is for weekend', we mostly end up waiting for the weekend to do it. If we stick to basics and think about it, the same task can be done on a weekday too, provided it does not have a dependency on nature, like the requirement of sun-light etc. What usually stops us from doing certain tasks, in my observation and experience, is firstly the very conclusion that 'this task is for weekend' and the next is allowing our minds to think about work although we are at home, in the kitchen. 

There are of course some exceptions, like watching a serial! No other thought comes to mind while doing that, not even a phone call from boss can make it! Although we are fully aware that we can catch and watch the serial online later on, we do not just get away with it. It must be watched at its scheduled time and everything else is next except kids, may be! I've still not experienced this hence no idea, but I believe kids, especially when they are in their early ages, manage to win the race with a TV serial. 

Not keeping too many things pending for the weekend is a skill we all shall develop. Clearing as many tasks as possible on a weekday allows the time on weekend for us to spend the time with family and friends. 

Spending some time on ourselves is equally important for any woman to be refreshing and hence confident from within. We must love ourselves before expecting anyone else to love us. And for that, spending time for our interests is a key thing. 

Put off the conclusion 'this task is for weekend' and do not let the work pile up. Complete the household tasks as much as possible on everyday and that makes the weekend a special day and also gives you a chance to make it special for your family. 

Sunday need not be waited for to go for grocery shopping. Friday evening is also a great choice but for that again, we must not pile up tasks for the last moments of the week at office. We must be as regular as possible in everything that we do so that we be regularly tension free. That's just perfect to plan anything on a weekend, majorly because we are away from office work. 

Work-life balance is not easy. However, its important in all respects that we should do our best to achieve it in all smiles and effortlessly. 

Once again, a very happy women's day all ladies. Enjoy your day!

Mar 6, 2015

Be Intentional... Take Home #373

Try to be as much intentional as possible while you do anything about something. Be equally intentional when you decide not to do anything about something. Intentions make it easy to stick to our decisions and at the same time they, to a greater extent, avoid tension. 

Think enough to be sure of your intentions. This is very important. 

Mar 5, 2015

Woman, thoughts and emotions - That's a winning combination!

Is a beautiful bundle,
Of thoughts and emotions.

Beauty is more a synonym for a woman. Beauty is of course about the appearance literally, however, here beauty meant more for the habitual carrying of herself in everything she does. Be it the personal responsibilities or professional, what makes a woman respectful and standout is majorly the contentedness she naturally possesses by nature towards the work she does, things she manages, and the people she handles. It is this very natural affair of a woman that makes her a bit more attractive and hence approachable in many a matters, especially when it comes to work. 

Emotions, unfortunately, are attributed to a negative notion these days. Whereas in reality, emotions are the precious gems every person inherently has. Emotions of women are of course not easily understood every time, but they are the backbone of their success in the field they are in. Their emotional quotient at many a times wins the games for them. It makes them more understanding and understandable , if not always. Thoughts are not to get lost. Definitely not. They are as well the strong assets of every person. And for a woman, thoughts are the pillars of her empire. The richer the thoughts of a woman are is the richness she actually enjoys and shares with everyone around. 

Without emotions and thoughts, work life is not what it is supposed to be. As a woman, I strongly suggest every fellow woman not to get worried when someone tags her that she is emotional. Just remember that the power of emotions is not properly understood by many a men yet. So, do not lose confidence or do not tend to be someone else when at times you need to face comments about your emotions. Well, knowing how to be so is as important as being emotional. Women are criticized for not being able to manage the way they show their emotions rather than for being emotional. Who under sun does not have emotions, by the way? Women must work a lot upon their thoughts and emotions to be an acceptable being around. 

The combination of women, emotions and thoughts is undoubtedly a winning one. Believe in yourself, learn to use your emotions and be rich in your thoughts. The win is never too far. 

Coming up: Women and the work life - Its not easy, however, its important!

Life is precious... Take Home #372

Life is precious than any beliefs and perceptions we may have. Be open, even though  blindly, just be open for a second thought especially when it is about relationships you treasure the most. Doing which might convince you at some point of time to put your best and hence to get back the things to normalcy. 

Life is precious and its always important to live it enough along with our loved ones.