Jul 31, 2015

Be grateful enough... Take Home #423

You never know what or who changes your life. Whatever that brings a positive change in your life, be thankful for it. And if that's a person, convey your thanks without fail. Neither such things happen everyday nor such people walk into your life every now and then. Be grateful enough that you could live that moment. 

Organize yourself.. Take Home #422

The better you organize yourself, the better are your chances to perform the job in a better way.

Recognize the opportunities!

Hard work prevails when there is an opportunity associated with it. And opportunity need not come to you because of your hard work. You must recognize the opportunities out of all the chances available to you. Turning the chances into opportunities is not everyone's game. Only few succeed, call it as their skill or destiny, but that's the fact. 

You are not fully responsible for the opportunities that do not come to you. But, you are wholly and solely responsible for not recognizing the opportunities that surround you. Always, be on your toes with your senses wide open; they might not last longer!

And the following line is so true too! 

Jul 30, 2015

Be a good listener!

From a person's listening style, a lot things about him can be understood. 

On the first front, it shows the interest the person has in the topic on going. Gossiping interests many and that's the one thing doing which highest level of concentration is often observed. Does not matter how long the topic continues. Concentration does not vanish. That means, its not that a person's concentration or listening skill is weak; it's just that he is not interested in the topic on going at that moment. After all, interest can enable anyone to concentrate willingly.

Next, the way a person listens or rather follows the on going discussion shows how much he is interested in the speaker. It's basically the belief on the speakers that often makes him listen to what's that they are saying or trying to convey. It does not mean that he cannot be interested in anyone; he is interested in himself and that's why when he speaks, he is fully into it. So, he can be interested in someone. But at the moment, he is just not interested in the speakers. 

Also, it lets you know if he has any necessity with either the topic or the speaker. If not, then that's it. But if yes, then the listening skill of him appear to be on its peak. This is highly subject, but to a greater extent this could be very true in many respects. If the speaker can do good or bad to him, in his own perception, he listens to what's being said. But if not, then does not matter whatever is being said, for him the world is somewhere else at that moment. 

From the way a person listens to someone or something, it shows his respect towards the speaker. Now this need not be entirely his mistake. It's up to him whom he respects and whom he does not. However, understanding the level of respect the speaker could manage to build helps in improvising on many a things. All in all, it's evident that he has no respect or lack of respect on the speaker. It does not mean he cannot respect anyone, he may respect many but not the speaker at the given point of time. 

If you are the speaker, try to understand the above and see what can be done. Try to do your best to clear the gaps. And if you are the listener, just remember one thing that one has to be a good listener to be a good manager or a leader. In life, striving to be a manager or a leader is important. Along with that trying to be good in being so is even more important. To be so, one must be interested in wide varieties of topics and various kinds of people. Develop that, it's in your hands. Realize that being a social animal like many, you too have a lot necessities, if not now later on, and you must respect people for whatever they are up to. 

Being united and getting collective in facing the odds have always taken the human race to its next level. Be a part of the race of your generation by being a contributor. And for that, you must listen, listen and listen what's being said. And of course, one must put forward his own points without fear and hesitation but to do that efficiently, one must be a good listener on the first front. Do everything possible to improve your listening skill. It's worthy enough. 

Jul 28, 2015

Kalam Sir, thank you!

A boy wanted to become a pilot of a warrior flight. He stood ninth in the selection trials where only the first eight were eligible. He then settled as a scientist. With his dedication, he became a scientist a nation loved, young generation admired, and colleagues cherished. His saga continued. He became the president of the nation, the first citizen of the country, the president the nation loved. He was the first president to had travelled in "Sukhoi" war craft and hence lived his childhood dream of becoming a pilot of a warrior craft. He dedicated his whole life for teaching, sometimes colleagues and sometimes students. Always wanted to die while giving a lecture and actually died while giving a lecture. 

He is none other than our very beloved president, I mean the former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the holder of forty doctorates given by various universities across the globe. 

That's a great loss to India and mankind. Saying thanks is not sufficient but it's required. Not sure when will I get a chance again to thank such a person, such an Indian, and such a Bharat Ratna.

Thank you Kalam Sir for inspiring us. 

Jul 27, 2015

Nurture your strengths!

The strengths that have come naturally to you are the first ones to be nurtured by you in the order of priority. What you can develop on top of that helps you further in placing yourself apart from others. Nurturing the existing strengths and developing the new ones are two continuous processes that shall run in parallel. 

Be aware of your limitations and weaknesses. Don't worry much about the former and work as much as you can on the later. But, concentrate on your strengths in a greater extent. Go for it and win it.

Target and effort... Take Home #421

Target inspires us to put maximum effort. Achieving the target depends on a lot of factors. Out of all, be rest assured of the effort by willing to put it enough. Rest all factors might not worry you much if you fail, but what will haunt you is the lack of effort, or may be a shortage of effort from your own side. Be willing to put in every effort. That's the way forward.

Design right... Take Home #420

Do whatever you can to avoid going ahead of the wrong design. But yes, as everything is time bounded, be sure of the impact in all respects. Front loading and pre-design analysis are the best ways to get the design as right as possible in the first attempt. And that's not impossible although it's tough. 

Celebration... Take Home #419

Celebration completes the happiness. Celebrate as often as possible, which ever is the manner, as it's person dependent. Take time and do celebrate every success, every joy and love. 

Jul 25, 2015

To perfect it out... Take Home #418

Never delay doing something thinking that it's the ideal way and not practical. Every thing has to start somewhere. One must strive to reduce the difference between ideal and practical aspects. That's the way to improve and hence to perfect it out. 

Jul 24, 2015

Learnings... Take Home #417

Not everyone is alike. Not a person is alike at all the times. And that's why life keeps bringing lot of leanings to us every day. 

Jul 21, 2015

Process and people... Take Home #416

Of course process is dependent on people; those who follow and those who monitor. Organizations shall make sure that these two categories of people are in place along with the process itself. Improvement is ever happening, be it a person or a process. Beginning with something logical is important. 

Taking on issues... Take Home #415

Taking on issues help better than taking on people. Staying together and taking on issues is wise rather than letting the issues create barriers among people, among teams. 

Be proactive... Take Home #414

The only way to compete with the proactiveness is to be proactive yourself.

Jul 17, 2015

Good Impression... Take Home #413

Good impression need not be the right one. Be it the one that you have on someone or the one someone have on you, keep working your best to achieve good results on your own rather than leaving things to an 'impression' which might or might not be right, and which can turn around anytime! 

Exaggeration... Take Home #412

Be it happier times or tougher ones, exaggeration is directly proportional to the frustration or satisfaction a person goes through. Don't go literally by what a person is exaggerating. Look through your own perspective rather than surrendering yourself to someone else's emotions. 

Jul 14, 2015

Speak for yourself... Take Home #411

When someone speaks to us in the high pitch of his tone, we feel offended. When the same person speaks for us in the high pitch of his tone, we feel supported. It's the perception that does make the difference.

Anyway, the best thing is that one must learn to speak for himself.

Jul 12, 2015

That's "Martina Hingis"...!

It was back in 1998. I was preparing for a quiz competition in our school. It was a district level competition being arranged by our school management. My mother was the quiz master. Knowing the depth of her preparation of her questions, I was reading through the general knowledge book from front to back again and again. That was when I first saw the photo of a girl holding a gorgeous trophy with both of her hands. After reading the description, I learnt that it was the Australian Open winner's trophy in women's singles and the lady with it was "Martina Hingis". I loved the trophy, I was crazy about it rather. She was the champion player of that time, and had already won Australian open earlier too if I remember it correctly. As I further dug through the current affairs section, I came to know that she wa
s the world number one Tennis player in women's singles at that time.

Now it was sports round going on during the quiz competition. The quiz master, my mom, asked the question. "Who is the top ranked player in women's tennis?". When our team;'s turn came, I stood up and answered "Martina Hingis". I did not even bother to discuss with my team mates, although both of them were seniors to me. The confidence and clarity I had at that moment were unbelievable and amazing. I still remember them. It was a right answer and we got the point. 

Having always been a sports lover, naturally all this episode got imprinted in my mind, to such an extent that it keeps coming to me every now and then, and especially when I see or read about Hingis. I never used to watch Tennis at that time although I used to follow sports news very regularly. By the time I developed interest and could make time for watching the game, Hingis was no more playing. At some point, she did a comeback but some drugs related incident kept her away from the game. But ever since she returned to the game once again, and especially since she started partnering India's Sania Mirza,  I was eager to watch her lifting yet another Grand Slam of her career. Finally, it was yesterday that I saw her along with Mirza with the Wimbledon women's doubles winners'trophy. I was undoubtedly happy for Sania Mirza, but I was doubly happy to see my childhood craze standing there next to her with the beautiful trophy. 

Now that's called dreams coming true, sometimes by winning ourselves and sometimes by witnessing someone winning it. That's a fantastic performance by both these ladies in the final, a tough fought one. Very well done, a well earned title it was. 

Wishing both of them a long association.  May they play together for many more years and may they  win a "Career Slam"soon. Specially, Congratulations to Sania Mirza. For winning it, and for doing it against many odds over a period of time. Her journey is exemplary. Hats off!

Love and belief... Take Home #410

Appreciate the good initiatives and feel the joy of being part of them. Being positive, appreciative and hence supportive might or might not be important for you, but that could be everything for the one who's taking the good initiatives. Of course, being true is important too. But being true in a positive way is an art that only love can teach you, belief can let you do, and hope can drive you. Having all three of them is the best deal. 

Taking the inspiration... Take Home #409

Not every thing can be called as copying. There is also something called taking inspiration. No one can never judge which is what, except the one who really does it. Rest all are just claims! 

Jul 11, 2015

#Bahubali - The Beginning

Director: S.S.Rajamouli

Change happens not because of what's heard and said, but because of what's done! Congratulations to SS Rajamouli​ for taking the unprecedented step of making this movie and initiating the change in the Indian Cinema! After watching a few magnum opus movies earlier, I had every joy in my experience but a factor kept missing over all these years. While returning home after watching Bahubali, I had that factor in abundance. That's the 'Pride'. The pride of having the language of the movie's original script as my mother-tongue. The pride of belonging to the region where the movie is originally made. 

I remember discussing with my mom couple days back that at times the movies with huge expectations flatter at the box office. But then I said, there were many a movies which came with whopping expectations and still could collect not just the box office records but also reached the hearts of the audience and that this movie could be one of such. Bahubali did not disappoint. It's a feast in itself. It always had the potential and now it's proved. Bahubali is already into the list of my all time favorite movies. 

'Sivagami' is the character I'm still in love with. That's magnificently portrayed. My favorite dialogue - "Vanda mandini champithe veerudantaaru. Okkadini bathikinchina devudantaaru". To keep it short, rest all characters have made justification to the plot. 'Avantika' could have been played by someone else in the warrior role. But, that's fine, she did her best. What I also liked about the movie is, they did not go haywire in search of the costumes for the characters, take a bow Rama Rajamouli and team. 

All in all, this is a MUST WATCH! Remember to keep logics aside to enjoy this movie to the fullest. Congratulations once again to the entire cast and crew of #Bahubali. Awaiting "The Conclusion"!!! Also awaiting the Prabhas-Anushkha on-screen chemistry. 

Jul 10, 2015

Change! ... Take Home #408

Change happens not because of what's heard and said, but because of what's done.

PS: Post is dedicated to S.S.Rajamouli for initiating the change in the Indian Cinema #Bahubali

Jul 9, 2015

Post 1200: #WaitingForBahubali

It's a mere coincidence that I'm writing the 1200th post at my blog on the said-to-be epic movie of the Indian cinema, "Bahubali", the biggest motion picture of India, which is set to be released  tomorrow in theaters across the country and globe. Also, this is the first time ever I've written a post on a movie before its release and of course, before watching it. Understandably, this is not going to be a review post, rather it's about the way the movie has reached a lot of audience well before its release. 

For the first time ever, I see the Telugu industry is talking in oneness about a movie, that too a high profile one. Every time someone spoke about this movie, it's all good and only good. Not just the Telugu movie artists but also many artists from other languages including Bollywood have so far said a lot about this movie. Rajamouli and his team have done the PR job perfectly, just perfectly! That qualifies for a management case study. Also, for the first time ever, more than the artists, the characterization of the respective artists in this movie have  gone into the crowd. That way Rajamouli has set a benchmark. Inspite of the high profile artists that this movie has, the characterizations of them going into the crowd in not an easy thing to happen. The crew must be appreciated for the idea. It's not easy either to manage the various people involved as the project has been a longer one than usual. Only if they all believed that what they were doing was more than just normal, all that had been happening could happen. What they say, putting everything into something, is nothing but this.

When any movie comes from a director who has not seen a single flop in his career, the expectations are already huge. And in the case of "Bahubali", the expectations are beyond anyone's imagination, and definitely more than usual for a local language movie release, in India. This also one movie that has, so far, successfully crossed the political hurdles amidst the state division row. This team would never have expected that they will have to release their movie in two Telugu states! They would not have imagined that they will have to donate the collections to the new capital of one of the states, "Amaravati". And that's a good decision, although I'm not sure if politically that's a correct step to take just before the release of the movie. 

The only remark I've on the movie is the price of the ticket that's trending since last two days. It's heard that around 1000 or 2000 rupees is the ticket and still the que at the counters is never ending. This is a bit surprising but yes, may be that's just normal for may movie fans as they come across this a lot of times. I can't say who is at fault for the black market, those who sell or those who buy!Apart from that, this movie is set to break many records, hopefully. 

My best wishes to the cast and crew of this movie. Hope this will be a big hit Indian cinema has ever seen, so far! 

Learn to present your work... Take Home #407

Don't say that someone has presented the work you have done. Say to yourself that you did not know how to present your own work. Introspect and you will realize that you are, somewhere and to some extent, responsible for what has happened. Try to rectify it thereafter. 

One must learn not just to work but also to present the same to right people.

Jul 6, 2015

Compete but don't compare... Take Home #406

Do compete. It strengthens the competition. Do not compare. It ends the competition. 

In a TEAM... Take Home #405

In a team, when everyone's role is defined and the importance of each role is recognized and rewarded on regular basis, the occasions of one member jumping onto the other person's role and doing someone else's job can be reduced drastically. Role rotation is important not only to have wider picture on the team's long term objective but also to build trust and the feel of each other among the team members. 

Politics... Take Home #404

Politics often succeed when they are played with one's own efforts. They do often backfire when played with someone else's efforts. When one knows the in and outs, politics are easy to be played and interesting too. To know the in and outs of anything, ample efforts shall be put into it.

Jul 3, 2015

Appreciate the efforts... Take Home #403

Be sensible enough to appreciate the efforts. Anyone can appreciate the success.

Leaders and Managers... Take Home #402

Leaders need managers and managers need leaders. Neither of then can succeed in isolation. To win the game, both need to be nurtured by the organizations. 

Jul 2, 2015

The Survival Instinct!

There are rules written  about how to live life but no rule is ever written about how to survive. When the human civilization was in its initial stages, everyone thrived for their own survival. It was not about living or leading life for them at that point of time, it was just about staying alive on the first front! It was all about being there, not there for. That's what they call as 'The survival instinct'. Over the period of time, the same survival instinct made many of human beings to capture as much as they could so that it would be tougher for anyone else to destroy them. Further to that, there developed all kinds of wishes to dominate, to command, to expand, to rule and at times to just dictate. Parallel to all this, there developed all kinds of emotions like liking, loving, caring, protecting, destructing, child-rearing, social bonding, and even sacrificing. All that happened lead to the human evolution slowly at some points of time and rapidly at some other points of time. 

What I feel is, now the ongoing generation of human life on earth is in the phase of evolving too rapidly, may be faster than ever. We do a wide variety of things, all at a time, and we keep doing multiplexing again and again even after failing to succeeded many a times. We do believe in all kinds of emotions, although we often forget to respect some of them. But that's just life, may be that's how life has evolved for all these centuries. 

One thing, as I understand it, has never changed all this long. That's 'The survival instinct'. Still there are no rules written or being followed when it comes to survival. Rather, there are self created and self accepted rules that let everyone of us do things the way we do in the times of need to survive. One must follow his instincts, his believes and strength, to survive, to just be there, to just belong, like the way our ancestors did at the beginning of the human civilization. We just have to survive when we have to survive and we have been doing it all this long. Nothing has really changed. May be, the way we survive today is different from that of what was followed earlier. The ground reality, the basic wish, the need, the possibilities, the 'unknown', all that is the same. 

Be it your personal life or professional, be it your home or the organization the you work for, when you have to survive, you have to survive. You  have to follow your own ways, unless they destroy someone else's survival altogether. You are on your own and no one can really pull you out when you do not do it on your own first. And all this is not very much different from what we do day to day. We already do many a things to survive. We just need to realize the facts, be conscious about what we do so that we can differentiate what must be done and what must not be. Because, survival is important but not at the cost of losing out on the 'humanity' which is better than anything else. 

Jul 1, 2015

Choose your case... Take Home #401

A team shall unitedly fight the competition. The moment the internal issues prevail the team spirit, that team is no more justifying their presence in the competition, even if they go ahead competing further and even if they win. 

Practically speaking, both competing and winning are important in their own ways. What's also important is the introspection later to the competition or win about what must have caused the internal issues. Not every team member is expected to be ideal, for that matter no one is ideal. But introspecting time to time helps everyone. Confronting at right times is useful. All we need to know is when and how to do so. And that varies from case to case. Choose your case carefully and consciously.