Oct 31, 2015

Belief... Take Home #479

Believe people but don't believe people's memory! And, be it people or their memory, never ever believe blindly. 

Acknowledge the problem... Take Home #478

Acknowledging the problem humbly must be the first corrective action to be taken while solving any problem. Ego has never solved any problem! 

Wish for a change... Take Home # 477

If you wish to change, be it yourself or anyone or anything, you should be ready to make necessary sacrifice too! No change has ever come without compromising on sacrifice. 

History is yet another good teacher, provided we look into it with the necessary outlook. 

Happiness... Take Home #476

Happiness cannot be generalized. It is a lot subjective. And I think its yet another perspective of life that different people carry differently. For some, it lies in getting what they wish for. For some other, it lies in getting acquainted and adjusted to what they have. And for some other people, it lies in getting a surprise that they never thought or tried of. Neither of them is wrong. Everyone is right with his ideology for his own life.  

Choose your way that leads to happiness. You have full freedom to pick any way!

Oct 29, 2015

Avoid explaining yourself!

A lot of times in our day to day lives it happens that we try to explain ourselves to a number of people without even realising how much that we say matters to other people. Even though it's a tough fact, it's worth knowing or rather realising. The way we matter to ourselves, we do not matter to many a people around us. The reason is very simple, it's noting different than the fact that your pain matters to you and you are obviously preoccupied with a lot of other matters. So is the case with others whom you think you are explaining yourself to. They are with preoccupied thoughts too. For them, there can be something else that's diverting their attention. They might have their own perceptions. In fact they will have. You need not be understood by everyone the way you understand yourself. Better avoid explaining yourself to others especially those who you think are already upto something! Usually, everyone is upto some or the other thing. So, we are barely left with any choice than practising to avoid explaining ourselves. In spite of you exposing your inner self, you will not be able to succeed in making people understand your true self. What they know is what they know you as in their perceptions. And perceptions do not change easily and frequently. Avoid explaining yourself. 

Of course, you must explain yourself at number of occasions. But choose such occasions carefully. And most importantly, choose your audience thoughtfully.

Oct 28, 2015

Being influential... Take Home #475

Being influential at the required times is as important as being inspirational at all the times. Especially when you have a team to lead while accomplishing a task. 

Power and ruling... Take Home #474

All the rulers might have power by governance but not all of them know how to build and use power for the betterment of their people. This is the basic reason why not all rulers are successful. 

Learn to respect and use what you have, since beginning. You never know when you have to take up the bigger responsibility. What you build from beginning is going to help you a lot in need. And that's going to be your additional asset. It can be power, it can be people, it can be anything for that matter. 

Oct 26, 2015

Heartfelt smile... Take Home #473

The beauty of your smile makes people look at you. And the depth of your smile makes people connect to you. A heartfelt smile is an important aspect of managing or leading people, beauty of the smile being the miniscule of it. 

Oct 16, 2015

Jealousy... Take Home #472

You are the most affected person of your own jealousy. Rest everyone, that you think you are affecting, is impacted less than you in every respect. 

Realisation... Take Home #471

Knowing the facts is knowledge. Conveying the facts is aggression. Knowing when to convey which fact is realisation. 

Realisation is the most reliable aspect one continuously develops. 

Extend your responsibility... Take Home #470

Don't restrict your responsibility to just questioning about what's happening around you. Extend your responsibility to answer certain questions yourselves, so that you get broader perspective and you eventually widen your level of understanding the matters. 

Near-to-full experience!

To have a near-to-full experience of the weather of any place, one must experience all the seasons of that location, at least twice, by staying there. Likewise, to have a near-to-full experience of any organisation, one must go through the organisation's mandatory annual processes, at least twice, by consciously perceiving the major dimensions that have an impact.

Like the unpredictability of the nature in terms of weather, unpredictability exists in the organisation's ways of working, major part being the people's unpredictable behaviours, mentalities, perceptions etc. So, it can't be guaranteed, none the less, one gets a feel of it to a reliable extent. 

Oct 15, 2015

People who are meant to be with you!

Don't be worried that not everyone around you is happy about your achievements. Not all of them are intended to be. Not all of them are meant to be. Even though it's ideal and theoretically possible that everyone around you be happy for you, practically it does not happen that way. This is the ultimate truth, fact can be something different though. It's not the problem with people at their personal level at the current time, it depends upon a lot of things including every person's nature of upbringing, which differs largely and cannot be generalised. 

So, don't be worried at all. It's quite normal and you are not the only one to face such people or rather, such mentalities. Many undergo this situation, after all there are innumerable achievements everyday, every minute. So don't feel that you are alone. Be strong and forgiving. Just move on with your life.

People who are intended and meant to be with you will always be with you. 

Oct 14, 2015

Dussera celebration... Pic of the day #23

Dussera celebration used to mean ten days of holidays in childhood. Going to the grand parents' house was the first thing that would come in mind. I don't remember much about the celebration. But I used to enjoy a lot in holidays as like any other kid in childhood. I along with friends used to wish for the exams to get over before the holidays so that there would not be any work to do or anything to read. Sometimes, the exams used to occur after the holidays. Not every time wishes come true! And when the exams were done before the holidays, some of the teachers would give home work to write answers to the question paper five times! Never understood what was that imposition for! Anyway, Dussera vacation used to be less for celebration and more for holidaying. 

Since last few years, I'm witnessing the celebration of Dussera. In office, we celebrate it on the day before as it's a holiday on that particular day. Three environment changes completely on this day at work. It feels really good and refreshing. Near our home here in pune, there is a ground in which they arrange a temporary temple and they play Dandia. They fill all the streets with LED lighting. They look very bright and stunningly beautiful. Only trouble is, they arrange for orchestra. And the sounds are unbearable! But anyway, they feel good too sometimes, especially when you are are alone! And they appear the worst, when you are watching a TV serial. Anyway, celebration is good unless it pollutes the environment. 

The below shown is one of the decorated hoarding of our street. 

Success... Take Home #469

Not just defeat, sometimes, success also lets you know who your friends are, who your true supporters are and who can share your happiness. 

Oct 11, 2015

Movie: Rudramadevi - A great history shown in an unimpressive way!

The story of one of the great warrior queens, Rani Rudramadevi, is truly inspiring and thought provoking. It's full of unbelievable sacrifices of a number of people including she herself for the people of the kingdom. A girl had been portrayed as a boy for a tremendous ling time of twenty five years to save the people of the kingdom! That's seems unrealistic but it happened actually! The greatness of the thought of the minister of the kingdom and her parents is hailed a lot in the history. It's not about the baby if its a girl or a boy, it's the brought up that really makes anyone the person he or she is. And to create history, gender does not matter. Rudramadevi's life is a lived example of this fact. 

Unfortunately, the movie is not a greatly made one. Very poor sound track is one of the main culprits, I wondered if I was watching a film for which the music was composed by the maestro Ilayaraja! Characterization of many a characters is completely disconnected from scene to scene. Rudramadevi is sent out of the kingdom by the people for having bluffed to be a man, and you don't get any emotion watching it. You just feel normal! No emotional touch. No focus given to depict the political savvy of the queen and her minister. The war strategies of the great Kakatiya kingdom have not been shown at all! The snake and bird formations in the climax made no sense, except for the visual effects. All in all the movie is absolutely unentertaining! 

But, one may watch it once for Rudramadevi. 

Anushka has done a fantastically perfect job both as Rudradeva and Rudramadevi. If it was not her, no one else could have done such a justice to the character. Allu Arjun must be thanked for accepting the role. He has done one hundred percent justification too. I literally feel sorry for Rana. Other than the satisfaction of being part of a historic film that's made after thirty years in Telugu film industry, there is nothing much for him, I guess. The hype created has filled the box office on day one but the word of mouth is going to be hurdle for the collections in the following days. 

Years of handwork does not always gives you success. Gunashkhar garu is undoubtedly one of the best direction bet, but just not impressive this time. He either could have taken some more time or done more research along with many people before finalizing the story! Nonetheless, congratulations to him for being daring enough to believe in himself to put everything into something he is passionate about! Not everyone can do it. He will be remembered for this for longer and I wish him all the energy to bounce back. 

This is once again a good start for the historical film making. I hope many other biopics will be filmed in the years to come! 

Oct 10, 2015

Being positive... Take Home #468

Being positive about yourself is only the half portion of being positive in life. It completes when you are positive about others too. 

Oct 8, 2015

Realise it... Take Home #467

Do more and you will realise that you can actually do more. The earlier you realise this, the better. Because, time is very limited to prove yourself. One must contribute back his or her part.

Effective utilisation... Take Home #466

Effective utilisation of the 8 to 9 hours at work is the key to maintain work-life balance. A lot distractions come over but that's when your determination helps you, to focus on the job at hand and to deliver it, doing which is the most important thing as far as your work is concerned. 

Oct 4, 2015

Movie: The Martian: A memorable experience of Mars from Earth!

When for the first time I saw the title of the movie as "The Martian"in the book-my-show website, I remember telling a friend if the movie was about people living on Mars! To my surprise, from the Wikipedia page of the movie I learnt that the movie was about an astronaut, who was presumably dead and left behind on the Red Planet by a manned NASA mission to Mars. I immediately decided to watch the movie. Having had the Interstellar experience, I did a bit of study about the plot and understood from a review that math and science will be important to understand the plot further. But then, I stopped there. You know what, home work shall not be done to watch a film! It does not suit the weekend mood. 

I hate it to make it late for a movie! We missed, I guess, the first five minutes of the movie. Further to that, it took me another ten minutes to realise that the 3D glasses were to be cleaned instead of cursing the movie makers for keeping the film so dim! Once I wore back the glasses, there was no stopping thereafter. The plot was with full of edge-to-the-chair moments. The humor was entertaining too. But what I did not like was the timing of the humor. I felt that the humor certainly took away the involvement at many a scenes. It made me unable to empathize the main characters of the movie! It felt like the emotions were left out somewhere in the space-time! To add to that the back ground score was pathetic! It did not enhance the mood and literally it made me very boring at times. 

Whatever said and done, The Martian is a great attempt. It is not easy to make the audience believe that the plot is happening on a planet that's seen only in some pictures taken by satellites and no human has ever seen the real planet. The crew have done a fantastic job in making it appear closer to the red planet that we know. The screenplay is too good. Near to perfect, I'd say. The shots of the space ship are breathtakingly beautiful and unbelievable almost. The way the gender neutrality is maintained is appreciable. Every time I looked at Jessica, it felt as if I was watching the extension of Interstellar. And for the first time, we get to see her in an astronaut's outfit and not in a scientist's. 

All in all, its a good movie. It undoubtedly increases the positivity in you. You will also realise the power of "The Survival Instinct" that a life form possesses, in this movie the life form is a human. I also liked the assumption made in the plot that there is no life still on Mars. The absence of the aliens separates The Martian from the other sci-fic movies. A must watch I'd say! 

Oct 1, 2015

New process... Take Home #465

Every new process needs unconditional support from all the stakeholders irrespective of their responsible area. One must be open to accept certain gaps and move on by slowly any steadily connecting the dots. It takes a lot of patience and its worth keeping.