Jan 31, 2016

Congratulations to Indian Cricket Teams!

Winning is the fastest thing that gets you back to news and most importantly, form, the psychological thing that's won as a bonus. 

Indian men cricket team rouse to fame with wins beginning from their famous win at the Lord's in 1983 in the world cup finals and since then, the way of perceiving the game has changed in India. A lot of wins came at different points of time. And the T20 series win of them in the down-under by clean sweeping the Australians for the first ever time on their home ground in the history of the game is yet another win which has come at the right time! Incidental may be but very timely. The expectations now on the T20 world cup that's going to happen in India this year are going to be so huge that the marketing teams of various corporate firms will get hands full of work henceforth! 

Anyway, congratulations to the team and Virat Kohli for the Man of the series award. Felt happy to see Yuvraj hitting just at right time! Youngster bowling squad is looking promising for now! Let's see what's in store. 

Well, congratulations to the women team too for winning the series in Australia. Women power proves it all. Looking forward for a few more successful outings by the women's team. Hope they will rouse to fame too, very soon! 

Happiness has no gender.

Responsibility is unlimited, be in personal life or professional

Responsibility is unlimited. Of you, of me and of everyone and anyone. That's in personal terms with some piece of spirituality to it. Now, when it comes to the professional matters, where our work is paid, responsibility has certain limits. There is hierarchy around us which takes care of the dots that are left unconnected by us, knowingly or unknowingly, wanted or unwanted. Hierarchy provides a platform to every individual which lets us do what we have to do, what we are ought to do and at times what we want to do.  Following the hierarchy is the simplest way of getting along with our jobs, and our professional motives. Also, its the best way to get long with the motives of the organizations that we work for. That makes it simple for the leadership teams to drive the workforce for results according to their plans and experience. Not just that, it's yet another way of keeping the things simple to respect the ground realities. 

Having said all this that I accept, I also want to share a few words that I totally believe in. Responsibility can be very subjective not just in personal life but also in professional world. The more we accept the responsibility the more it sinks in us. The more it sinks in you, the more will be our willingness to contribute back to the organization, the more will be the enthusiasm with which we take every step at work. The more all this is, the better the results will be, for an individual and also for the organization. After all, results are important, though not in short term but definitely in long term. When the responsibility every individual takes to him or her can drive so much for results, then its right perhaps. We all must own the responsibility, which is unlimited once again! Obviously, no individual can take up the responsibility for an organization's performance, good or bad, but all of us can take the responsibility until the horizons that we can perceive; which we should take irrespective of the responsibility matrices that we work a lot upon. Its every one's responsibility to set the work place right for us and for the people around us and the ones that we do not know existing in the same organization.

Again, having said all that I believe in, I do not mean to downsize the hierarchy which we all must respect. We should respect every layer of the organization, including the layers lower to our levels. At the same time, putting forward our views is important rather than sitting back expecting to hear the decisions from seniors. Driving the people around is always required, instead of doing the job within the virtual limits and expecting someone to drive everyone including us. Investing right amount of time to work out the objectives we all are gives is truly required to come up victorious and contributing at every step. And along with that, learning and gaining experience, probably only to contribute back. 

Life's cycle is so unique that it can be applied to any other process that we do in life. It all surrounds in and out. Taking is only give back. Learning is only to teach back. Whatever is that we do, involvement and enjoyment are the two true things we must not live without. And limitlessness is the one thing that we must believe in truly and completely. 

Better-a-thing... Take Time #528

Time is an important and powerful dimension of our life, being aware of which heals a lot of negativity in us. Eventually, the negativity around us  gets reduced too! Basically, everyone of us must be aware of the fact that we must have no time to be negative about anything or anyone. Being positive is one thing and being practical is further better-a-thing. 

Yet another way of being positive... Take Home #527

It's easier to get nervous because you are doing something for the first time. But it does not help. Rather, be fully aware of the first-timer-advantage that hangs around something that you do for the first time. Utilize it fully; rather, take full advantage of the advantage. This is yet another way of being positive and hence a door step to develop new mindset. 

Listen... Take Home #526

There is no point in asking people when you have already framed up the answer in your mind that you want to hear. Listen to yourself or listen the opinions of people. It's not wise to keep dragging people to finally say what you want to hear. 

Handle with perfection... Take Home #525

Nothing and no one can be perfect except the way the things and people can be handled. 

Travelling to new places is not just a bliss but also being wise!

Travelling to new places has always been my favorite holiday pick! This morning, when I thought to write this post, the first thing came to my mind was to list out all the states of India, my country, that I'd either traveled through or visited. Following is that list. 

1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Delhi
3. Tamil Nadu
4. Kerala
5. Maharashtra
6. Karnataka
7. Madhya Pradesh
8. Rajasthan
9. Uttar Pradesh
10. Telangana
11. Haryana
12. Puducherry

Out of 29 states and 7 union territories, I visited not even half! Well, that strikes as an opportunity to me going forward to roam around a few places .  This year I'm targeting to travel to at least two new states or territories. I hope I will be able to fulfill this kind-of-resolution of mine for this year. 

Travelling to new places gives immense pleasure to me and to every travel lover. My wish is to visit while India before I get to step out of this country, if at all. Looking forward for covering up all states in India as soon as possible so that I can experience the maximum of my country-side. After all, what's said in the below image is very true. 

"To roam around your own country is not just a bliss but also being wise"

Given a chance to me, I prefer to roam around and around for any long time. A lot of things shall come your way to get such a chance. I wish I would get such a chance! Well, if chances do not come to you, you must take them. I will take a chance to go around. Getting to know about different cultures embodied in Indian sub-continent is going to make my life richer for sure and for that matter anyone's. Getting to meet different people from different cultures also lets us know the integrity around us and around the country. I believe it also makes us mature enough to accept different types of people and their thought processes, which is an important thing to lead a happy and successful life. The cultures that have evolved over a period of thousands of years have a lot of richness in themselves that getting to experience them in person is a tremendous thing to happen to anybody in life. It teaches basically, a lot. 

Looking forward to fulfill the wish of mine for this year. I shall post any updates related to my travel in this blog. 

Jan 25, 2016

Compatibility... Take Home #524

Not the strive for perfection but for compatibility keeps the relationships going.  

Jan 23, 2016

Feeling home, for a second time!

Courtesy: Spirit Science Page

There were a number of occasions when I thought I had been growing closer to yet another home-like place! Especially in the past four years. It's been long since I arrived in Pune, almost seven and half years, and I can confirm today that I feel home here. The people I know, the places I roam around, the stores that I get in, the sun-set points I visit, the beautiful scenery at work and so on. All these make me feel truly home. May be I love too much. Also, may be, I try to know a lot of people. A few of my friends have left Pune. Yet, by the time I get to depart from a friend, I will have a few other new friends already! That does not mean I do not miss anyone here. I miss a few of my good friends here. I miss them terribly at times. Well, that's the part of life. People come and go. Nonetheless, the one who stays back get a new home eventually which is the case with me right now. Home is the best place to be in. No one can deny, in a normal scenario. And getting to grow closer to yet another home is a bliss because it does not just make you feel blessed but also makes you feel loved a lot. What else matters, again in a normal scenario? Looking forward for more experiences, more people. 

The feeling of belonging is the most precious one! Try everything to enrich such a feeling in you. 

Jan 22, 2016

Post No: 1400 - Political parties and students, can't they survive without each other?

What goes around comes around! May be, this quote finds its way to prove that it's true to the core, which has reminded me of its genuineness once again today while searching about 'Rohith Vemula', the student who killed himself last week in Hyderabad Central University. Having read and heard of his row from print and electronic media since a week, while searching about this news in google, I inadvertently typed in 'Dalit', the word that's probably used more number of times in the news coverage than the name of the student itself. Only after typing the word I realized how impacting media can be or rather, how unconsciously comfortable I'm with the way the word is being used! 

First and foremost, I agree with many people who have said that the usage of the word is irrelevant and unnecessary in many of the news paper articles and in the news channel scrolling. The name, a nice name indeed, Rohith Vemula, could have been sufficient. Well, I cannot teach media; no individual can I guess. A lot of disheartening stuff is going on around the suicide of Rohith. Amidst all this, I get to read the full length suicide note of his. Philosophical. Thoughtful. Emotional. Responsible and all similar adjectives can justify the content of the letter, provided the letter is read as a mere suicide letter of a person. But if the letter is read with a pre-set conclusion, then altogether different feelings come to the mind. Which has what exactly happened with almost every media person who has read the letter, and exactly the same thing as incidentally happened to the politicians too! 

The conclusions that they derived have now become the head lines of the national news papers; the flash news in the national television channels. Apparently, the same conclusions are being debated instead of the opinions, ideas and views. And when conclusions are debated upon, the so called debate is not a debate actually, at least not a healthy one! Media persons, as I understand, are moderators or facilitators of the talk show. But unfortunately, some of them have these days become judges and a few others have become compasses, the compass that takes the people along towards the direction that it thinks is correct. Well, compass is a scientifically proven instrument which is accurate a lot of times, the media personnel are yet to be proven accurate and hope they will never be proven for the sake of the country! 

While media play its part in this row, the political parties themselves run the row. From the beginning to the ending of such rows, we usually end up knowing that the politicians have their hands at every major step of the incident and also in the way it reaches the national headlines. Once the headlines are full of this news and its proceedings, various people from various political parties get to visit the victims!Probably, the only time the politicians do not visit the victims is during the outbreak of contagious diseases like H1N1. Other than that, they manage to reach the victim either directly by being present at the site or indirectly through the social media, the cheapest or rather cost-effective yet power medium now a days. While they try to console the victim, they victimize a few others; the opposition party leaders being the toppers of the list! 

All the unusual yet usual thing happens and media finds a new topic for the debate-shows. But over a few decades now, there is no answer for the question - Why political parties shall get involved in students' affairs? Is there a students affairs or welfare ministry in the cabinet? Or is there any good intention behind all this to let students get practical exposure of the political scenarios like the way they get industrial exposure through internships? 'Good intention' does not exist or at least it cannot be proven in political sense. Hence, its up to the politicians who get involved in student politics and encourage students to fight with each other on the names of their respective parties. This has been killing the unity among students, which otherwise the students must possess in abundance. 

The today's dealing model of students and political parties makes me ask if they cannot survive without each other! May be, they cannot in the current scenario but ideally they should. They must. They have no choice. Each of them must find out ways to keep each other distant to begin with. Over a period of time, they might start appearing that they actually two separate entities. Someone must initiate this, be it the government or the college administration, and must follow the genuine process. I sincerely hope the episode of Rohith Vemula's suicide brings a definite change that can change the way the politicians and students deal with each other! 
For now, dedicating this 1400th post of mine to all students who were victimized by politicians. Hopping for a better tomorrow. 

Jan 20, 2016

Reading between the lines... Take Home #523

The first step towards reading between the lines is to stop reading 'only' the lines. When anything is written or said, a lot fires at the back of the mind and only a minute portion of it is either written or said. So, try also to think ahead along with reading or listening whatever is written or shown.

Strength... Take Home #522

Yes, physical strength is required to accomplish a lot of things. But never estimate a person's psychological strength based on his or her physical strength. 

Body needs energy from materialistic things and hence its strength has a limit. But mind is way far powerful that it can generate strength by its own which can be limitless. 

Jan 17, 2016

The Target... Take Home #521

The target that's focused upon is the target that's reached. 

Clarify your targets to yourself without fail; does not matter if you clarify them to the world or not! Have stringent timelines set for yourself to reach the targets. Be pragmatic at every step. Estimate the difficulties that you are ought to face while on your move to achieve targets. Target it achieve. 

To create and criticize... Take Home #520

Either to create or to criticize something, equal level of concentration is required, in the absence of which the outcome is not valued much. Creators and critics are the best contributors to the process of 'evolution', be it of anything!

The tunnel drive... Pic of the day #29

Drove on the Mumbai-Pune Express Way lately. Touching 120 Kmph was one of the feats and the beauty of the nature was the big one to mesmerize as always. At certain moments, the drive on the express way reminded me of the "Traffic racer" game, although the fact that there would be no new game to get started if the car crashes kept me conscious while driving! 

The above picture was clicked by me from inside the car near a tunnel before entering it. It's a very short one as we can see the other side of the tunnel in the picture. Next to this, there was yet another tunnel on the way which was a lengthy one of about 2 km! Drive in the tunnel gives an amazing experience similar to that of crossing the horizons, from day to dark and dark to day at high speed with no stopping! Well, one must take double care while driving in the tunnel. Good that we mostly have one way tunnels. 

Jan 14, 2016

Do work... Take Home #519

Do the work that you have to do, to do the work that you want to do. 

Jan 13, 2016

Secrecy... Take Home #518

There can be many reasons why people would want to maintain secrecy. It need not be seen as a mistake. Afterall, That's not a sin! Welcome such people with open arms when they open up to you. Also, one of the best ways to understand why people maintain secrets is to maintain few yourself! 

Conclusions... Take Home #517

Except your attitude, nothing can come between you and your peace of mind. Good and bad days are nothing but the conclusions you draw based on your expectations! 

Jan 9, 2016

The Scenery...Pic of the day #28

It's been long time since I wrote the 'Pic of the day' post. Well, a bit occupied with the planning to start my photography page in Facebook. As you might have seen in one of my previous posts , the page is successfully created and I'm enjoying the series of pictures I've been posting over there. 

The one shown here is what I look at everyday from our work location. I uploaded few more clicks of the same place in some of my earlier posts. It never bores, truly. And this time got something different. Three of the clicks are merged into one here; each one is taken in the morning, afternoon and evening respectively. Of course, they are taken on different days! The scenery that we look at over a few years of time, I guess that scenery becomes the one scenery that we start feel belonging to! This is one such scene for me in my current period of life! Looking forward to get belonged to many more of such! 

Jan 8, 2016

Regular and different... Take Home #516

When you have a choice between doing regular and different things, opt to do the different things. You may learn something new which can help you in doing the regular things differently. 

Jan 6, 2016

Route to success... Take Home #515

It's not the success itself, but, the route that you walk through, to reach the success, teaches you the lessons for life. Choose the route carefully; success can be very illusionary at times! 

Flavors and people!

Each flavor has its own taste;
Each person has his own ways.
Not every flavor is everyone's favorite;
Not every person is everyone's choice.
Enjoy your favorite tastes.
Enjoy your chosen ways.

Life is too short to taste all flavors;
Yet, it's too long to stick with favorites.
Life is too short to understand every person;
Yet, it's too long to stand by choices. 
Never know which flavor starts amusing you.
Never know which person starts accompanying you.

Choose your favorite flavors; consider the rest.
Stand by your chosen people; respect the rest.

Be healthy; be happy!

Healthy living is happy living and the vice-versa is true too!

Be healthy; be happy.
Be happy; be healthy.

Jan 5, 2016

Your initiatives... Take Home #514

Not where you start, rather, where you stop decides the success rate of your initiatives. 

Exempting self... Take Home #513

Everyone wants everyone else to be perfect. And, I think, this is the biggest problem human species to continue to handle while stepping into the future. 

Expecting perfection is never a problem. Exempting self is one.

Jan 3, 2016

Photography... Take Home #512

Hobby-Photography is not about perfection. It's about the perception. 

PS: Successfully created the page in facebook (#PramsPhotography). 

Jan 2, 2016

Another shade of life... Take Home #511

If you can afford and do not think about money, there opens a wide platform for you to experience yet another shade of life.

Heartfelt wishes... Take Home #510

While you receive heartfelt wishes from your loved ones on your successes, there exist people who convey wishes for formality. Also, there can be another type of people around you who do not even complete that formality; main reason could be jealousy. See an opportunity in all this to be determined to win so big that you make people helpless to applaud your successes. You cannot do much alone to get heartfelt wishes from everyone except to be true to yourself and to everyone. 

Jan 1, 2016