Jan 23, 2016

Feeling home, for a second time!

Courtesy: Spirit Science Page

There were a number of occasions when I thought I had been growing closer to yet another home-like place! Especially in the past four years. It's been long since I arrived in Pune, almost seven and half years, and I can confirm today that I feel home here. The people I know, the places I roam around, the stores that I get in, the sun-set points I visit, the beautiful scenery at work and so on. All these make me feel truly home. May be I love too much. Also, may be, I try to know a lot of people. A few of my friends have left Pune. Yet, by the time I get to depart from a friend, I will have a few other new friends already! That does not mean I do not miss anyone here. I miss a few of my good friends here. I miss them terribly at times. Well, that's the part of life. People come and go. Nonetheless, the one who stays back get a new home eventually which is the case with me right now. Home is the best place to be in. No one can deny, in a normal scenario. And getting to grow closer to yet another home is a bliss because it does not just make you feel blessed but also makes you feel loved a lot. What else matters, again in a normal scenario? Looking forward for more experiences, more people. 

The feeling of belonging is the most precious one! Try everything to enrich such a feeling in you. 

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KParthasarathi said...

Very true.I understand.