Jan 9, 2016

The Scenery...Pic of the day #28

It's been long time since I wrote the 'Pic of the day' post. Well, a bit occupied with the planning to start my photography page in Facebook. As you might have seen in one of my previous posts , the page is successfully created and I'm enjoying the series of pictures I've been posting over there. 

The one shown here is what I look at everyday from our work location. I uploaded few more clicks of the same place in some of my earlier posts. It never bores, truly. And this time got something different. Three of the clicks are merged into one here; each one is taken in the morning, afternoon and evening respectively. Of course, they are taken on different days! The scenery that we look at over a few years of time, I guess that scenery becomes the one scenery that we start feel belonging to! This is one such scene for me in my current period of life! Looking forward to get belonged to many more of such! 

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