Jan 31, 2016

Responsibility is unlimited, be in personal life or professional

Responsibility is unlimited. Of you, of me and of everyone and anyone. That's in personal terms with some piece of spirituality to it. Now, when it comes to the professional matters, where our work is paid, responsibility has certain limits. There is hierarchy around us which takes care of the dots that are left unconnected by us, knowingly or unknowingly, wanted or unwanted. Hierarchy provides a platform to every individual which lets us do what we have to do, what we are ought to do and at times what we want to do.  Following the hierarchy is the simplest way of getting along with our jobs, and our professional motives. Also, its the best way to get long with the motives of the organizations that we work for. That makes it simple for the leadership teams to drive the workforce for results according to their plans and experience. Not just that, it's yet another way of keeping the things simple to respect the ground realities. 

Having said all this that I accept, I also want to share a few words that I totally believe in. Responsibility can be very subjective not just in personal life but also in professional world. The more we accept the responsibility the more it sinks in us. The more it sinks in you, the more will be our willingness to contribute back to the organization, the more will be the enthusiasm with which we take every step at work. The more all this is, the better the results will be, for an individual and also for the organization. After all, results are important, though not in short term but definitely in long term. When the responsibility every individual takes to him or her can drive so much for results, then its right perhaps. We all must own the responsibility, which is unlimited once again! Obviously, no individual can take up the responsibility for an organization's performance, good or bad, but all of us can take the responsibility until the horizons that we can perceive; which we should take irrespective of the responsibility matrices that we work a lot upon. Its every one's responsibility to set the work place right for us and for the people around us and the ones that we do not know existing in the same organization.

Again, having said all that I believe in, I do not mean to downsize the hierarchy which we all must respect. We should respect every layer of the organization, including the layers lower to our levels. At the same time, putting forward our views is important rather than sitting back expecting to hear the decisions from seniors. Driving the people around is always required, instead of doing the job within the virtual limits and expecting someone to drive everyone including us. Investing right amount of time to work out the objectives we all are gives is truly required to come up victorious and contributing at every step. And along with that, learning and gaining experience, probably only to contribute back. 

Life's cycle is so unique that it can be applied to any other process that we do in life. It all surrounds in and out. Taking is only give back. Learning is only to teach back. Whatever is that we do, involvement and enjoyment are the two true things we must not live without. And limitlessness is the one thing that we must believe in truly and completely. 

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