Jan 17, 2016

The tunnel drive... Pic of the day #29

Drove on the Mumbai-Pune Express Way lately. Touching 120 Kmph was one of the feats and the beauty of the nature was the big one to mesmerize as always. At certain moments, the drive on the express way reminded me of the "Traffic racer" game, although the fact that there would be no new game to get started if the car crashes kept me conscious while driving! 

The above picture was clicked by me from inside the car near a tunnel before entering it. It's a very short one as we can see the other side of the tunnel in the picture. Next to this, there was yet another tunnel on the way which was a lengthy one of about 2 km! Drive in the tunnel gives an amazing experience similar to that of crossing the horizons, from day to dark and dark to day at high speed with no stopping! Well, one must take double care while driving in the tunnel. Good that we mostly have one way tunnels. 

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