Jan 31, 2016

Travelling to new places is not just a bliss but also being wise!

Travelling to new places has always been my favorite holiday pick! This morning, when I thought to write this post, the first thing came to my mind was to list out all the states of India, my country, that I'd either traveled through or visited. Following is that list. 

1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Delhi
3. Tamil Nadu
4. Kerala
5. Maharashtra
6. Karnataka
7. Madhya Pradesh
8. Rajasthan
9. Uttar Pradesh
10. Telangana
11. Haryana
12. Puducherry

Out of 29 states and 7 union territories, I visited not even half! Well, that strikes as an opportunity to me going forward to roam around a few places .  This year I'm targeting to travel to at least two new states or territories. I hope I will be able to fulfill this kind-of-resolution of mine for this year. 

Travelling to new places gives immense pleasure to me and to every travel lover. My wish is to visit while India before I get to step out of this country, if at all. Looking forward for covering up all states in India as soon as possible so that I can experience the maximum of my country-side. After all, what's said in the below image is very true. 

"To roam around your own country is not just a bliss but also being wise"

Given a chance to me, I prefer to roam around and around for any long time. A lot of things shall come your way to get such a chance. I wish I would get such a chance! Well, if chances do not come to you, you must take them. I will take a chance to go around. Getting to know about different cultures embodied in Indian sub-continent is going to make my life richer for sure and for that matter anyone's. Getting to meet different people from different cultures also lets us know the integrity around us and around the country. I believe it also makes us mature enough to accept different types of people and their thought processes, which is an important thing to lead a happy and successful life. The cultures that have evolved over a period of thousands of years have a lot of richness in themselves that getting to experience them in person is a tremendous thing to happen to anybody in life. It teaches basically, a lot. 

Looking forward to fulfill the wish of mine for this year. I shall post any updates related to my travel in this blog. 

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