Feb 29, 2016

Proving it... Take Home #544

At times, even though we know to our conscience that we haven't done any mistake it might not be possible for us to prove it then and there. It certainly takes time and along with that a lot of patience, to be able to get along with normal life, only to come back pretty stronger at the time when we can prove quite a lot of things, right ones.

Judgemental... Take Home #543

It's easy to be judgemental and it's the easiest way to be foolish!

Failures... Take Home #542

Only failures can teach how to handle failures.

Feb 26, 2016

Initiatives... Take Home #541

Taking initiatives is about not letting the thoughts remain just as thoughts. As simple as that.

Know how to use... Take Home #540

Nothing and no one is useless unless we do not know how to use!

Feb 24, 2016

Important... Take Home #539

If you want to be heard, say what's important for the listener, not what's important for you!

What else can be more dangerous than 'politicizing everything'?

It's been long since I've seen a debate or a discussion on national television channels on what's needed by the Indian universities and the students. It seems the schedule of the TV channels is filled with the debates on campus cum central politics, student protests, suicides, property destroying acts and lately the on-campus dustbins! 

Indian educational system has seen radical changes in the recent years in terms of the syllabus considerations, exam pattern modifications, common engineering entrance exam proposal, grading system in some of the state boards, common timetable across all schools in some state boards etc. While I'm thinking that all this is just a beginning, there are a number of incidents coming my way to make me worry if all these initiatives would go in vain! Instead of discussing the faculty and infrastructure needs on the university campuses, what's getting debated in full energy is the on-campus political riots! 

Hundreds of students commit suicides because of the stress and lack of proper guidance. And what we are interested for more than couple of months is about a suicide of a student in an university! The suicide of this person is an important thing to think upon but how come it reaches the electronic media in a different dimension? How come the other hundreds of student suicides are less interested when compared to the suicide of a student? Because the main leaders of all political parties reach out to the university of this particular student? Because the story of the student who has committed suicide had something to do with the member of parliament? May be! Rather, it is so! 

And that's shameful. Absolutely shameful

What else can be more dangerous to the growth of our country, to the future of the universities which have produced unmatchable talents? 

Why that print and electronic media is more interested in spending, which is actually wasting, their time and energy in projecting the ideas of political leaders on university incidents? Why not some of the best educationalists part of the debates on universities and students? Why all the after-all and under graduated politicians cover the show and bark at the camera and anchors with no commonsense?

And why don't they do when the well-educated media personal are encouraging them to do so, giving them a platform to do so?

I don't think the politicians who come and share their opinions or whatever on the national news channels are at fault. Its certainly the hosts of the shows and their management are on a big and wide wrong foot! As many say, anything for TRPs! Anything for their management's political or personal agenda! 

"Politicizing everything" is the right combination of the words as I understand it. Doing which is not good, rather worst! But many people choose to do it and they keep doing it. There is no stopping. No one raises their voice! Never ever by the government because they want to come to power again. Not even the opposition, as they want to come to power too, next time! Educationalists cannot say anything and even if they say, they will not be heard anyway. Students cannot do anything as their video footage can be merged with any hell of the sound and can get telecasted to start yet another debate on a debacle. Parents are more worried about the safety of their children and they strongly wish someone else's children shall come and set everything right. Media will not stop doing this as this is their business. 

So who can do something about this?


Yes. we the viewers can certainly do something about this I believe. Just stop watching the channel telecasting such debates for sometime. You will certainly be shown what you will like to watch. What's shown by the media is what's seen by the viewers. Fortunately or helplessly, media is a lot loyal to their viewers views. So, let's put forward our views and stop watching such nonsensical debates. The TRP will itself come down and so as that media channels. This is not easy to happen in a collective manner but very much achievable if we follow at individual level. Watch something else or just spend some time with family and friends. The channels will start telecasting that's needed by you and society. 

Do not watch TV because you have free time, remote in your hand and sofa in your hall! Do not just watch the nonsensical shows! Do not entertain the TV channels! Also, do not let the TV channels entertain you with their personal or political agenda! Be selective in watching whatever you do. Change has to come. There is no way! 

Please think over and do what appears the best for you, your next generations, the country and this world. 

Feb 23, 2016

Prove to yourself... Take Home #538

Proving to self gives the highest satisfaction level and confidence along with it. Never lose an opportunity to prove it to yourself. Not just that, you will never be able to prove everything to everyone. Rather, you can truly and completely prove to yourself, once for all.

Feb 22, 2016

Life evolves... Take Home #537

Life neither begins with a success nor ends with a failure. It's a continuous process which evolves until one can consciously perceive the happenings.

Regret... Take Home #536

Regret is probably the most painful feeling which makes us feel helpless in tough times. It's also the most difficult feeling to over come since the thoughts about how we could have avoided all that has happened surround us. All we need to do is to try to forgive ourselves and NOT to succumb or surrender!!!

Rejection... Take Home #535

Learning to handle the 'rejection' is an important aspect of life. Even though we don't get rejected every time, at certain times when we have to face it, we shall be stubborn enough to accept it and do what's required at that moment in a positive sense.

Feb 20, 2016

Movie: Neerja

"Jindagi badi honi chahiye; lambi nahi" - one of the opening dialogues of the movie sets the stage for us to experience an ultimate bravery act of the crew member of the hijacked Pam Am flight back in 1986 in Karachi. "Neerja Bhanot" was that lady, who was honored posthumously with the highest bravery awards by India, Pakistan and USA. And this movie is briefly her STORY.

In theater, saw an elderly couple, in their late seventies, came with their grand children. Thought, may be that's what memories do! This might not be accurate, but I thought what they had heard of, thirty years back, must have dragged them all the way to the theaters.

Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Ajmi are the show-stealers with their to-the-heart performances. Script and screen play are brilliant. Even though it appears dragged towards the last ten minutes, it imprints some important emotions and thoughts which we do not come across in every film.

Cinematic liberty taken by the director of the film has defiantly, to me, put down the gestures of the other crew members on that fateful flight. Or may be, the title of the movie was to be justified at that cost! I wish a team effort was elevated a bit more! Anyway
, the truth will never be known fully.

It's a must-watch, according to me. 8.5/10 as a movie and 10/10 as a story that moved me so deeply from within.

Feb 18, 2016


Acknowledgement makes a lot of sense, be it of any form, of anything! Acknowledging the efforts is the most motivating form of acknowledgement. Acknowledging the mistake is the most honest form of it. Acknowledging the success is the most celebrating form. Acknowledging the failure is the most humble of it. Any form of it is good and absolutely doable unless we either believe in doing it or experiencing the magical momentum of it!

Feb 17, 2016


There used to be days when the combination of colon and right bracket would make the 'happy' smiley and the combination of colon and left bracket would make the 'sad' smiley! These were typically used in the conversation over SMSs. Later on there had been a successful creation of yellow smileys. And now a days, needless to say how many types of smileys or symbols are available in the smart phones! A lot of expressions have been converted into the smileys and more over the skin complexion has been added too! Tremendous creativity it is! 

Innovation is one thing and the application is the actual thing. All of us have been using the smileys for different purposes in various conversations with friends, family, teachers, bosses etc. While some of the applications are too wise, some are too interesting, some are too sarcastic and etc. 

Say nothing;
Use a smiley.
Say something;
Use few smileys.
Say anything;
Use any smiley.

This is how the usage of smileys at the moment. Crazy, intelligent, communicative, seductive and you name it. Nevertheless, they are the way of life, at least the conversation portion of it. While there is nothing wrong in using them, better we use them in full consciousness and by understanding the meaning of them! So that we won't end up appearing sarcastic to our loved ones!Looking forward to get a few more smileys invented in the near future so that we all can have a very happy ride with our conversations!  

Endure... Take Home #534

Often, we all live days when nothing seems working and the 'problem' rather the 'challenge' looks impossible to get through. But all this is actually a mirage. With time, we learn to handle things, we learn to look for various solutions and ultimately achieve it, often if not every time. Enduring is such an important trait we all must have! After all, life is too short to endure.

Feb 16, 2016


Not just speed, 'selfie' thrills but kills too! Be careful with your selfie-sticks and your interest about selfies, which might probe you to do anything for a click!! Back home, there are a few hearts looking for you, for which your selfie might matter the least when compared to you yourself. Be safety conscious. There are a few news of people getting killed while attempting for selfies and hope this number do not go competing with that of the deaths happening because of speed, the ever-green killer!

Happy selfie-ing!!

Time & memory... Take Home #533

The faster the time runs, the deeper the memories get in!

Feb 14, 2016

Yet another stress-buster!

In our fast moving lives, we keep racking up a few of the simple tasks, which do not matter at the given moment but need to be done one day or the other. Lately realised that the more number of such tasks are piled up the more stress level would be added up to our already stressed life of this decade. Taking one by one task and completing a few of them could prove to be a great stress buster amidst of our congested lives. More than doing such tasks, accumulating the determination pills to start taking up the tasks is difficult yet not impossible.

I've tried completing a few of the small yet long pending tasks in the last two days. Believe me, it has given me a refreshing feeling! Now it will become ready for me to take up the so-called tough tasks of my regular life. Wherever is said and done, experiencing this oneself makes you accept it to the core!

You may please try! 

Feb 13, 2016

Insecurity... Take Home #532

The irony about insecurity feeling is that it's easier to deal with your own than to deal with that of others. And, it's easier to identify it in others than doing it with yourself.

Feb 6, 2016

Limitlessness... Take Home #531

When there is an opportunity for you to stretch yourself to go beyond your limits, simply make use of it by giving your best. Hence, realize your own sustenance level. And by any chance, if you do not get to know your sustenance level, that's the 'limitlessness' for you, experiencing which could remain as one of the best moments of your life. 

Calling 'Home'!

Mobiles have evolved year on year to become smart to super lately. They may go on to become supreme too in the years to come! During the course, mobiles have almost sidelined the landline phones which used to be there in almost every household few years back. Along with the landlines in homes, there used to be a common thing in many of the mobiles. And that was the phone contacts stored as 'home'. Call from and to home was one of the sweetest things to happen in a day, if not for everyone, for most of us. 
Over a period of time, the contact list got updated with 'dad' and 'mom' as additional contacts. However, 'home' continued to be  there in the list for few years. When 'mom' or 'dad' would not answer, 'home' was the ultimate number to dial and get response! Thanks to the landline phones, they did not have the option to choose silent mode! 

Lately, if 'mom' and 'dad' do not answer, there is no third number that could be dialed to. With the evolution of the smart to super phones, there is no contact on the name of 'home' in the contact list. Personally, we miss it the most when scroll up and down our contact lists. The sweetest feeling is no more. Well, a lot of things change with time! So as this case of 'home' too! Hope there will be no technology invented to change the presence of 'mom' and 'dad' contacts!

Feb 5, 2016

Benefit of doubt... Take Home #530

A brief moment of underestimating a person or a team can result into a few undesired moments of embarrassment. Believe in giving "benefit of doubt", especially to people, because doing so benefits everyone including you. Be in full conscious in your way of estimating anyone.

Feb 2, 2016

Adaptability... Take Home #529

'Adaptability quotient' plays an important role in anyone's success. To improve it, one must try to widen the perspectives, to be able to consciously perceive various dimensions involved in the task that needs to be done.

Feb 1, 2016

Feel special; let others be too!

Everyone of us has every right to feel special about ourselves, about what we are and what we do.; what we think and what we consider. Its a precious feeling every person possesses. If nurtured carefully, the feeling of feeling special can become a treasure everyone of us proudly holds close to our hears. Only the individual know the depth of the 'special'feeling; rest all cannot understand obviously as everyone else is busy feeling special. 

Feel special, 
Not because you feel so;
But because you are so.

And that does not mean no one else is not special. While we feel special about ourselves with all pride or whatever, we must remember and respect the fact that there will be a few others around us who feel special too about themselves. So as us, everyone deserves to feel special. Often, we fail to understand this simple fact of life and try to go onto the people around us, try to take on them, doing which is not at all correct in any of the life's terms. If not correct, at least not 'fair enough'. 

Feel special;
Let others be too.