Feb 6, 2016

Calling 'Home'!

Mobiles have evolved year on year to become smart to super lately. They may go on to become supreme too in the years to come! During the course, mobiles have almost sidelined the landline phones which used to be there in almost every household few years back. Along with the landlines in homes, there used to be a common thing in many of the mobiles. And that was the phone contacts stored as 'home'. Call from and to home was one of the sweetest things to happen in a day, if not for everyone, for most of us. 
Over a period of time, the contact list got updated with 'dad' and 'mom' as additional contacts. However, 'home' continued to be  there in the list for few years. When 'mom' or 'dad' would not answer, 'home' was the ultimate number to dial and get response! Thanks to the landline phones, they did not have the option to choose silent mode! 

Lately, if 'mom' and 'dad' do not answer, there is no third number that could be dialed to. With the evolution of the smart to super phones, there is no contact on the name of 'home' in the contact list. Personally, we miss it the most when scroll up and down our contact lists. The sweetest feeling is no more. Well, a lot of things change with time! So as this case of 'home' too! Hope there will be no technology invented to change the presence of 'mom' and 'dad' contacts!

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