Feb 1, 2016

Feel special; let others be too!

Everyone of us has every right to feel special about ourselves, about what we are and what we do.; what we think and what we consider. Its a precious feeling every person possesses. If nurtured carefully, the feeling of feeling special can become a treasure everyone of us proudly holds close to our hears. Only the individual know the depth of the 'special'feeling; rest all cannot understand obviously as everyone else is busy feeling special. 

Feel special, 
Not because you feel so;
But because you are so.

And that does not mean no one else is not special. While we feel special about ourselves with all pride or whatever, we must remember and respect the fact that there will be a few others around us who feel special too about themselves. So as us, everyone deserves to feel special. Often, we fail to understand this simple fact of life and try to go onto the people around us, try to take on them, doing which is not at all correct in any of the life's terms. If not correct, at least not 'fair enough'. 

Feel special;
Let others be too.

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