Feb 20, 2016

Movie: Neerja

"Jindagi badi honi chahiye; lambi nahi" - one of the opening dialogues of the movie sets the stage for us to experience an ultimate bravery act of the crew member of the hijacked Pam Am flight back in 1986 in Karachi. "Neerja Bhanot" was that lady, who was honored posthumously with the highest bravery awards by India, Pakistan and USA. And this movie is briefly her STORY.

In theater, saw an elderly couple, in their late seventies, came with their grand children. Thought, may be that's what memories do! This might not be accurate, but I thought what they had heard of, thirty years back, must have dragged them all the way to the theaters.

Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Ajmi are the show-stealers with their to-the-heart performances. Script and screen play are brilliant. Even though it appears dragged towards the last ten minutes, it imprints some important emotions and thoughts which we do not come across in every film.

Cinematic liberty taken by the director of the film has defiantly, to me, put down the gestures of the other crew members on that fateful flight. Or may be, the title of the movie was to be justified at that cost! I wish a team effort was elevated a bit more! Anyway
, the truth will never be known fully.

It's a must-watch, according to me. 8.5/10 as a movie and 10/10 as a story that moved me so deeply from within.

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